Disabling Visual Effects In Windows 10 To Improve Performance

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Your computer performance empire? href = “https://www.microsoft.com/es-es/software-download/windows10″> You can test different configurations or < a href = "https://tdftips.com/mejores-programas-medir-rendimiento-pc/"> programs to measure performance and one of them is just visual effects disable to target the system resources for the things that really matter.

The visual effects are very nice and elegant, no one can deny. However, they consume resources of our system, which can be used on more important things or the same series of the fastest operating system.

This is something that is quite visible in the low-end computers with limited equipment. But can achieve in most computers when you turn off all visual effects, performance improves dramatically.

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So if you want to improve the performance of Windows 10. You must start with the basics and one of those things is disable the visual effects of the operating system . Fortunately, it is doing something very simple that you do not take too long.

Then you will see a detailed tutorial so you can configure the Windows visual effects to your liking. If you want to disable all or only a few. We’ll explain how to get to this section and I will recommend that you should never turn off.

Disable visual effects in Windows 10

  • The first thing to do is press “ Windows + R “.
  • Now in the “ Run ” what we need to do is type “ Sysdm.cpl ” to open another window that is “ Properties system “.
  • Here we go to the tab “ Advanced Options ” and we must choose the “ Performance ” and press the “ Settings “for it opens a new window.
  • In this window can appreciate all the visual effects found in the operating system. What you can do is press “ Adjust for best performance ” that completely disables all.
  • After that, you simply press the “ Apply ” and “ OK ” does not need to restart the computer to see the changes. However, if you want to do, you can do it without problem.

Disable visual effects in Windows 10 to improve performance

In my case, I keep almost everything, because there are two options that seem fundamental to continue to use your computer comfortably. These effects do not affect performance, you may want to keep them active.

The first is “ Show thumbnails instead of icons ” if you disable this option will not see the preview photos or videos you have on your computer. see instead of the predefined icons, which can be annoying and even cause us to lose time.

Another option you should keep is marked “ Smooth edges of screen fonts for “. Because if you do not do the letters will be very pixelated and will often be difficult to read comfortably.

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In this way, we obtain system resources to improve performance it. These resources can be used on other more important tasks or play your game prefer. Similarly, these options can turn on and off whenever necessary.

This allows us to customize the visual effects of your computer to our liking. You can play with the options until a setting that is balanced or just disable all if you not interested in special effect.

Remember, if you have any questions about disabling visual effects of Windows 10 for better system performance. You can leave a little lower in the comment box and we will be happy to help you solve any kind of practice you have.

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