How To Enable Or Disable Hibernation Mode In Windows 10?

hibernating option

Currently, where largely depend on access to technology to guarantee us to good jobs and media , it is important that we keep our equipment in good condition.

Whether you have a computer or mobile, there are ways to keep your operating system optimized and free of any problems that may occur while using the computer.

In fact many of these computers come with the necessary tools to maintain and optimize power usage and prolong the life of a computer . This being something important considering the cost of some of these. For example, is important that you can protect your PC from viruses annoying .

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As far as computers are concerned, there are lots of ways to do this. Can maintain an optimized space unit Storage through disk defragmentation . can also keep the computer with proper ventilation, and more.

Each of these processes taking a different approach to keep fit our computer. But there is a process that is often overlooked when it is on, and is extremely important. This is the hibernating .

Hibernation is a state in which the computer stores the session that you have open, and enters a power saving state and performance. Although many say that can backfire for equipment ROM with SSD built, it really is a tool that should not put aside.

This is because many times is to have the computer in hibernation to have it turned on for long periods of time. That is why then’ll show you how you can enable or disable this feature on your computer Windows 10.

 click to activate hibernating

Enabling hibernation mode in Windows 10

to enable or disable hibernation mode is very simple. Actually, the whole process you do it through a command window or symbols of the system, and you can use Other operating systems Windows as the process does not change much.

All you have to do to activate the hibernation mode on your computer is through the following:

  • Start by clicking the button to your Windows desktop.
  • Once opened, you will need to click the search bar and enter « cmd » so you can find the list Symbol Program the system.
  • When you have on the screen the program, you only need to right click on it and run it as administrator. Following this only accepts the window that will screen asking for permission for this, click « Continue «.
  • When the black screen symbol system, you must write the following command « powercfg.exe/hibernate off » and then press Enter need to open.
  • Then, type « exit » followed by the Enter key and the Command Prompt window of the system will close activating hibernation mode.
  • Once you have enabled hibernation mode, you can control the time when the system enters this mode through the Control Panel.

windows alarm system

Disabling hibernation mode in Windows 10

To disable hibernation mode in Windows 10, you need to follow a step by step quite similar to the previous one, but instead of putting the command to activate you put it off. See below step by step:

  1. Once again, you’ll need to open a window Command of the system. This can be done by clicking the Windows button that is on the desktop and typing « cmd «in the search bar to find the program.
  2. Once you have the program on the screen to open, you must run it as an administrator by right-clicking the program and then on the Run as administrator option.
  3. Now, when you open the Command Prompt window of the system, type the following command «powercfg.exe/hibernateon» followed by the Enter key.
  4. Finally type « exit » and press Enter again to close the window and your hibernation is disabled.
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