Disabling Facial Recognition Of Faces In Photos On Windows 10

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We will repeat ad nauseam, one of the essential aspects before getting on the highway is the security of information. And, most mobile devices feature different App to prevent unauthorized entry system. And one of them is the facial recognition which can also be used for other functions. That’s why we bring you an interesting article that will teach How to disable the facial recognition of faces in photos on Windows 10.

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For those who do not know, the new version of Windows 10 comes from the factory, so to speak, an application called Pictures. With it you can view videos and photos and use editing options, but also provides face recognition &NBSP. And she could recognize the face of a person leaving an image.

As you can see, this application can not only be used as security measure . Something we saw in the article as improve and increase safety my Windows computer 10. But is also used to recognize a person’s face in the photos, like the popular social platform Facebook.

How to disable the facial recognition of faces in photos on Windows 10

But there is this application that comes by default in Windows 10 , not to the liking of many people they would like to disable it. In this article, we show how it can easily become that. And steps to   r disable facial ECOGNITION of faces in photos on Windows 10, a very fast


The new Gallery feature, which was designed with the intent that could lead an organization   all your photos and images. It is natively active, and if our intention is clear, he must do the following. We must go directly to the application and have two ways to do this.

The first enters the search Windows and search bar, which is on the taskbar should write the name of the application. The second way to do this is through the Start menu, with direct access and application research is Photos calls.

Steps to   disable facial recognition of faces in photos on Windows 10

Once the application is displayed, we search the menu is what we find by clicking option on the icon three-point , found in the upper right corner. A context menu will open and he will observe many options. In   they will choose Settings, and we take the window.

Here we will see different sections, where you can make adjustments to this application, but for our particular case, we will examine the View and edit . Here we will see that you have several options to choose for the different parameters. But we will focus on the option People.

Just to the right of this option is a small switch that must now be enabled. it activates therethrough, facial recognition or disables the pictures. It works similarly to the Facebook feature that lets you tag a photo appear.

Then you can disable the facial recognition of faces in photos Windows 10 , you position yourself on the switch, then slide the OFF side. And if you do not have any problems regarding this application. If at any time you decide you want to return to enable this feature, simply Segur road you indicated and slide the switch to ON.

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You realize how easy it is to set parameters is your computer running Windows 10 operating system and best of all is to be performed quickly and without delay. And if you learn How to disable the facial recognition of faces in photos on Windows 10.

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