Shutting Down Windows 10 When It Gives The Error Does Not Go Out

 Error solve windows 10

In the following article, we will discuss a fact that can be very serious for our personal computer and be motivated by multiple factors. This may happen temporarily blocked or simply by updating an application or program. Then you indicate that you must do to shut down Windows 10 when it gives the error does not go out.

How to Turn Off When Windows 10 gives the error Inextinguishable

There are certain processes performed by the PC and especially Windows 10 of which we drink to be vigilant at the time we see them happen.

For example when you do not want to turn on, or often or simply restart not want to turn off . For all these problems there are solutions and here we give you the deals at this time and can proceed on time.

Windows 10 operating systems usually very versatile in your configuration and offer possible solutions to problems like this.

Without the use of programs or external applications such as in the case of Activate Windows 10 . And this is no exception, we can perform operations where the computer itself can be repaired and solve this delicate situation.

 Windows 10 does not turn off

Shutting Down Windows 10 when it gives the error does not go out

Here we will show Shutting Down Windows 10 when it gives the error does not go out , we’ll teach you to do to correct this problem.

It is not very often that happens, but when it happens, users can fill this operating system, into deep despair for not knowing how to proceed to fix it.

To shut down Windows 10 when it gives the error does not go out , we will offer two simple solutions that can be applied without the need to be a computer versed. The first of these solutions show you the next. We will lead the search for Windows, this is in the bottom left of your screen or desktop.

Now let’s write the word cmd , we the application will appear Symbol system, select it and do the right clip. This for us to display the options and will choose Run as administrator.

We clip on it and a small window where we wonder if we allow this program to make changes on this computer then we appear.

To this question we will answer If, after doing this a black window where we will write the following command sfc/scannow and then we press the Enter key will appear.

In doing this, begin to perform actions on your computer and to correct failures or you are presenting and do not allow your computer turns off. When finished we must restart the PC.

Second method for correcting the error does not go out

If performing the above action and your computer is still the same problem, you must do the following. Let’s use a keyboard shortcut or key combination will push hold the Windows key and then the key X. this will allow a menu appears and select the power Options.

We clip and the configuration window will open, and let us run to the options panel located on the left side. Clip selected by the Startup option on/off and suspension.

After this is done, we go to the right side of the screen under the Settings option related, we will select Setup additional advanced.

A clip making another window will open and headed to the left side and choose the option Choose action buttons Home/Off.

A clip is making another window will open and it will choose the option Change settings currently unavailable. A clip doing, we will head to Setting off and we will disable Quick Start Enable box.

 Error fix Windows 10

Then we have deactivated this box, headed to the end of this window and select Save Changes. And then we proceed to shut down our team, the way we usually do and this problem should disappear. And so we’ve taught Shutting Down Windows 10 when it gives the error does not go out.

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