How Easily Open The Panel Emoticons In Windows 10 -Step By Step

 windows panel emoticons

The technological advancement is truly amazing when it seems to have been stuck some news that leaves us with open mouth appears. It is that new ways to make our communications more appear every day enjoyable and fun using Emojis or smileys. But These developments are not only mobile but also for the PC.

In this article we are going to talk about something that is very sure that you do not know and is how easily open the panel emoticons in Windows 10 -. Step by step

How Easily Open Panel smileys in Windows 10 -Footsteps

And back discuss these icons friendly or faces that are making a revolution when communicating with our contacts, for different applications in the world. It is that now with the migration of social networking and instant communication applications to our PC, we must have a way to include Emoticonos.

This is why we bring this tutorial that explains how you can do for easily open the panel Smilie in Windows 10. is a very simple task to perform and just follow the step Step. It is a novelty that includes Windows is your new update so you can send messages funny and fun for PC.

open smilies

How easily open the panel emoticons in Windows 10

Let’s develarle a trick that allows users to include Emoticonos in your conversations when you use the personal computer. This trick is as simple as Windows off with mouse, also you learned something through this medium. You simply follow the instructions below you will offer.

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It is important to know that Windows 10 has launched a new Update your system and it has brought a lot of improvements and additions that will fascinate all users. And one of them is the incorporation of a panel of emoticons. In this article we will teach you have to do to open it in a way very simple and always have on hand.

There is a simple way to perform this operation using the key combination or keyboard shortcuts these would be the Windows key and the key dot (.). But unfortunately this function can activate only when users set to Windows 10 in English language and those who have it in Spanish will not work.

Setting the language in Windows 10

For this reason we are going to show how you can easily open the panel Smilie in Windows 10 . This we will do in the following manner, proceeded to Windows settings. Being in this window, we will see several options including systems, Accounts, Devices, Network configuration and regional .

In our case we will select the Time and language , this action will take you to the settings window the date time and language. Now you’re going to put on the left side of the window and you select the option region and language. Do clip and will show another window for configuring the region and language.

On the right side will show the option to add language and you do clip, then will show a list of all the languages ​​you can choose from. Then you go to select Inglés , then another window will show and here’ll select the option Inglés United States. A clip doing about it, you will see that is now displayed in the list.

Finally, we left the setup and now we have added several languages ​​in our configuration. To select the language, we head to the bottom right, we clip and languages ​​that have enabled at this time and another we can choose, in our case we select English . Displayed

 open windows smilies

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Now to easily open the panel Smilie in Windows 10 , will use the keyboard shortcut. And now we press the Windows key and hold pressed the key dot (.). And magically appears Emoticonos panel you can use forever, when you’re talking with your friends.

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