Opening Nvidia Control Panel In Windows 10 That Does Not Appear Or Closed

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Nvidia is a company that is dedicated to making chipset and integrated circuits, which have great technology and world-famous; especially for its graphics cards, equipped with processors GPU or graphics processing unit of the PC . But sometimes, your Control Panel in Windows 10 does not appear or closes the opening. Read on to that you can solve this problem and open the NVIDIA Control Panel in Windows 10.

How to Open Control Panel in Windows 10 that NVIDIA not displayed or closed

Words hardware and software are closely linked, but what is the difference between types of hardware and software there ? it is an interesting question, because one can not be handled without the other; That is why, by which the control panel Nvidia , which has been modernized in many ways, aiming it easy to use by its users was created.

How to open the Nvidia control panel in Windows 10?

It was initially designed to work under the operating system Windows Vista, one of the many versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system there ; It is fully functional under the environment Windows 10 . What is sought with this Control Panel , is to ensure the best performance of all Nvidia hardware components; but in turn, prevails in design graphics.

What to do when the control panel does not appear or closed?

The best we can do to get started is completely restart from the task manager control panel; an easy way to do this is by pressing at the same time buttons Ctrl + Alt + Delete , once inside, we place the Control Panel and just leaving the cursor in giving the name and right click, appears the option to end task .

The drivers or major drivers Nvidia are two: One is Smart Scan and the other Geforce Experience, the latter you can be on the updates to be made to the drivers, and you can update it in several ways.

It is important to know how download the Nvidia Control Panel for Windows 10 ; In general, it is best to use the official website of Nvidia, as we will need to update the drivers. After downloading the drivers, run it being very aware that they are doing with Windows 10.

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How to verify that the control panel is running on Windows 10?

You have first choice, go to the keyboard and press the Windows + R keys at the same time so you can open your Run , there write the word services. msc , to the give accept, shopped on the list: “Nvidia Display Container LS” , and the give you double-click one where you window check will open this automatic startup type.

If the Start button is active press it, if it is not because it is already running, it performs the same steps with “Nvidia Network Service Container”.

If you did not work the first option then try the following: placed on a page of your files path: c: \ Program Files \ NVIDIA Corporation \ Control Panel Client , a pressing click see a icon called nvcplui.exe , and voila, there by double clicking will open the control panel .

As an additional measure can press the button Windows . There writing power settings, this is to disable the Windows Quick Launch because it can sometimes cause problems

Once inside, look for the option that says Home/off and suspension; within this looking Configuration Options Related , and double dale click settings additional energy; on your left you Choose the behavior of the start button on/off , choose the option change the configuration currently unavailable , and leave the box Enable quick start blank.

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All of these tips are for you to manage more efficiently the Nvidia hardware without the disadvantages that the control panel do not appear or simply you close since Windows 10, with no more.

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