How To Open The Display Properties Windows 10 -Simple Steps

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A hearing the word Windows we wonder what will get us new updates; we always want to be the day with all the news they have for us, and Windows 10 is no exception; Its main attributes are all Display Properties Windows 10 available , and here we show you how to open them in simple steps. them can set your photos to pass as a powerpoint presentation on your screen.

How to Open Display Properties Windows 10 -Simple Steps

We should note that not all monitors are equal , as there are many types and sizes; for example; you may have a monitor with 4K resolution monitor or an LED, LCD or one; Whatever you are, all come with a pre-integrated with particular properties configuration.

The screen is the main tool to see how organized all our information on your computer, and view the processes that we made; For many people their screens are part of their daily lives, it is very important to feel comfortable with this during the time you use it.

Even if it is necessary to extend the display you can provide comfort, fortunately recently did an article for screen to understand, we are sure you will be left useful.

What should I do to open the properties of Windows 10?

 windows display settings

Regardless of the monitor you have, to access the display properties of Windows 10, you must place the cursor on any free space on your desktop and press the right click of the mouse; there a drop down list of options will open, choose the last says. Display Settings

Once inside go to Advanced settings screen , where you can choose the screen you want to see if you have multiple connected. It will also display information on the resolution are the images you see on the desktop, an issue that we discussed in depth in an article; with the solution to change the resolution of your screen.

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You can look at this paragraph what your active signal resolution, refresh rate, bit depth, color format and color space; you can also access the options of the video driver, if you have one connected.

Properties for adapters

Each manufacturer has its controllers, which often help the maximum performance monitors with higher resolution screens.

That is, make playing videos becomes more smoothly, with access to the video output to multiple monitors; Some include features additional graphics and improvements to help battery life.

 display properties windows

In this option you will get a general features the description of the adapter that you have installed on your computer; remember that all of these options can have only if the sign in as Administrator; If you enter a guest user will not have the options enabled, nor can any modifications.

As such, you can press the Windows button directly on the keyboard, and the bar opens can type “Device Manager” and look for the display adapters. once there, it is just a matter of placing the cursor of the mouse and give right-click the mouse for a drop-down list opens, right there you want the option to properties .

Many people with the passage of time have become experts regarding issues of computer it is, is that there is so much information that is now very easy to do on our own; and now with these simple steps we can enter the properties of Windows 10 and improve everything related to the properties of your screen.

General Care and Recommended for your screen

The screens generally consume a lot of energy, so take care of the time they are broadcasting the video signal extends the life of the equipment. If want to change the timeout or suspension of your screens look this article where we solve fast.

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So we have a best video experience , more suited to our tastes, and even can help others to implement these tips; Best of all this is that you do not need an Internet connection to complete these steps, are super simple and nothing tedious, it’s just a matter of starting.

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