Opening Window Cmd Commands In Windows 10 In A Folder

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In today’s article we will see how to open CMD command window Windows 10 within a folder in a fairly simple manner. Usually to do almost everything on our computer we use the mouse.

How Open Command Window CMD in Windows 10 in a folder

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However, for some things you may need to use certain commands and for that we will need the MS-DOS window prompt or CMD. Using incuso command can open a web page.

Just open the command prompt window has a predefined path. This means that we will have to move with the command « cd » to the path where we have to work.

That is why we will clearly see how open CMD command window in Windows 10 in a folder to save this form having to use the » cd» command and get some speed up the process. This tutorial is quite simple so that anyone is able to perform, we recommend you follow step by step.

To work more comfortably in command console can c hange and customize the color cONSOLE CMD

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How to open CMD window commands in a Windows folder

The way we all know to open the command prompt window is from « Home » and then typing « Run «. In the dialog box that opens type « CMD » and then press «Enter» opens the command prompt.

However, it is not the only way to open the command prompt that exists in Windows. It can be done from a folder, from any folder regardless we have in it. How can we do this?

There are two ways to open the command prompt from a folder. The first is from the address bar. Just going to have to right click on it and choose « Edit address «.

Now you have to do is delete everything and enter « CMD » and then press « Enter » and ready. You’ll see how in this way the command prompt opens.

Another option is to let down the « Shift » key and then right click on a blank space in that folder.

In the menu that appears will be able to choose the option « Open PowerShell here » or « Open command prompt » either works in the same way.

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Open command CMD window in Windows 10 folder

What is the difference between home and open it from a folder? The difference is that we have to move with the « cd » command to it. Since this symbol system that will obviously open that folder will focus on it.

It’s a great way to speed up a little work when we perform tasks with PowerShell or Command Prompt. The only problem is to open this window from a folder in Windows does with user permissions.

If you want to do with administrator permissions, the only option left is you use the alternative classic from « Home » and open the « Run » as administrator. That’ll be so prompt window with administrator permissions.

You also have the option of using extensions for the Windows OS as ContextConsole Shell Extension for thus it is added automatically to the context menu direct access to CMD.

Since Windows 10 can also run this from Cortana. From it we can do it with user permissions and administrator.

As you can observe is quite simple to learn how to open CMD command window in Windows 10 within a folder. It is quite practical and no doubt many times you can be very helpful to save some time.

The command console is a Microsoft tool that allows you to make changes and progressions on your computer, such as power view all the installed programs.

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