How To Play Or Convert Video_ts .Vob Files Or Dvd In Windows 10

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It is increasingly difficult to find or portable computers that have a DVD player. This makes it almost impossible display the content of our old DVDs as well as any other DVD we get.

How to Play or convert Video_TS .VOB or DVD in Windows 10

However, due to technological advances could view and convert your favorite information or DVD_TS .VOB files for later use in your Windows operating system 10 . But you could arise concern how Play or convert VOB or DVD Video_TS files in Windows 10.

Do not worry, then we will explain everything you need to know about or DVD Video_TS .VOB files. I will also tell you how you can play, view and convert VOB video files in Windows 10.

Why can not play VOB files or DVD Video_TS in Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 Video_TS .VOB and DVD format is based on MPEG format settings. Therefore, if your Windows 10 operating system has installed the encoder and decoder MPEG, you can not play or convert any file.

How I can play VOB files in Windows Media Player ?

Play VOB files in Windows 10 can cause problems if codec you need are not supported by your operating system. Therefore, if you want play VOB files on Windows 10 there are multiple solutions and realize


 windows media player

Then we will see the most practical and simple methods of how to play or convert VOB or DVD Video_TS files in Windows 10


1. Play or convert VOB files with Windows Media Player 11/12 Codec VOB

There are several types of codec that will allow you to play or convert the format of the successful file, however the codec k-lite is the most direct method <./p>

This codec can download it from site Free codec on the network. In addition, this solution lets you play and convert VOB files without installing third party software.

2. Play VOB Files in Windows 10 with Wondershare UniConvetor

A good software professional and Wondershare UniConvetor allow you to open VOB files in Windows 10 and play a hassle-free way


Then you will learn a simple and practical way to open Launch Wondershare VOB Player


  • First, download directly from the network for free Wondershare software UniConvetor on your Windows 10.
  • Open the downloaded file on your PC have install
  • .

  • Once installed the software can open and then must perform Clik on the “ Convert ” tab
  • .

  • Now you must make click on the “+ Add Files”, which, lets you browse and add VOB video presented on your system
  • button.

Note that you can also drag and drop the file to the interface directly


3. Convert VOB Files to Windows 10 with Wondershare UniConvetor

The software Wondershare UniConvetor functions as a excellent tool converting video . Which supports converting files to a wide variety of specific formats in Windows 10.

Then to enable VOB files in Windows 10, you must convert it to a format specific device. In addition, the processed file will be reproduced on your system without any problems. Then we will introduce how to convert your VOB files simply by using this amazing program.

Steps to Convert VOB to Windows 10 with Wondershare UniConvetor

Through these simple steps can easily convert your DVD Video_TS .VOB files or files compatible with your Windows 10, therefore:

  • First of all starts Wondershare UniConvetor on your Windows 10 system
  • .

  • Make click on the “ + Add files ” from the Convert section to upload your videos VOB local
  • .

  • Now, added files can be edited by clicking on an icon editing presented under the thumbnail
  • .

  • Open the options on the “ Convert all files ” and the list of supported formats will appear in a pop-up
  • .

 convert vob files

We hope these simple methods serve you as a guide so you can learn how to Play or convert VOB or DVD Video_TS files into files compatible with Windows 10. In addition can join multiple VOB files into one and convert . You may also be interested how to delete temporary files from your Downloads folder Windows 10 automatically giving click here.

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