How To Solve The Problem Of Screen Flicker On Windows 10

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In today’s article we will see how to solve the problem of flickering screen Windows 10 in an extremely simple manner, although it will require some research on our part.

The fact that the screen flashes, are not always equipment nor anything alarming. So in that sense, you have to be careful and not assume that your screen does not work anymore.

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It is often a software problem. Believe it or not, there are many applications that can generate conflicts in the operating system and the screen starts flashing unexpectedly.

What you should consider is that if the problem is physical. We can not do much to change the component in question How do we realize? a little further, we’re going into details on how to make if it is a hardware problem or software .

After that, we will see how to solve the blinking problem Windows 10 screen in a practical way, which will require you to pay a lot of attention and even do a bit of memory to remember what you did on your computer the last days.

Fix flickering screen in Windows 10

You should know that if one of the Flashes specific area of ​​your monitor, means that you have problems with it . In this case, it would be a hardware problem you should take to a service center.

Otherwise, if the screen will flash together, then it may be an application that is causing the problem. In this case, what we should do is to know which application is causing problems flashing on the screen. For this, we must do the following:

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine which application is causing the problem in question. At least not exactly. What we need to do is check the running applications and processes running in the background.

For this, we will open the task manager. We need to right click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Then press the “ Task Manager “. We can also press “ Ctrl + Alt + Delete “.

After that we would look at the applications we have running background . Ideally uninstall applications you installed recently. Notice that the installed and if it is the time, he began to flash the screen of your PC.

How to fix flickering in Windows 10 screen

We know that this is too accurate method to say. However, it is the only can quickly apply to determine which application is causing problems on your computer.

It is not too complicated to achieve, simply must calculate when you install some applications or programs and the problems started with the screen.

Whenever you remove an application, we recommend you to run any application like CCleaner to clean all that remains of this application. Then restart your computer and check it does not happen, you have to do until you find the program that is causing problems.

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Another thing we recommend is that you check if you have installed Norton antivirus, an application like iCloud or IDT Audio , which in many cases have already been reported by generating flashes on the screen of Windows 10.

If you have a kind of doubt remember that you can leave it in the comments box which are a little lower and we will be happy to help.

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