How To Fix The Problem And Connected Not Loaded Into Windows 10

OS Windows 10 is definitely one of the most popular worldwide systems that exist today. And while it is true that many users are looking for their main functions is exempted from any system failure.

Whether by a hardware problem or misconfiguration or improperly installed Windows may have flaws in its interface. And it is that today we will talk in this article about one of the failures that gives more headaches for users. If you want to know what basic Windows configuration 10 in the first installation, you can access this Article where we’ll show you the steps.

This is the problem that your battery will not charge, even if you have your laptop connected to power, much quieter happens and we will help. We wrote this article to show you how to solve this common mistake on laptops.

Say goodbye to those systems restarts constants to try to standardize the battery charge and give you the solution. Just follow our steps and soon you will have the solution and can reuse your PC in general without fear of any charges.

How to solve the problem of load right?

 Windows Control window 10

The origin of this problem is the misconfiguration predetermined energy options because of flaws in Windows updates. The steps below will show you solve this problem, you will see that in a jiffy are responsible for your laptop.

Just follow these steps carefully so you do not have problems in the process that we show below. Similarly, if you have another problem, we suggest you go to Microsoft help.

Step 1

The first thing to do is go into your computer’s control panel, you can quickly access the current execution tool. Just press the “Windows + R” to display and once there type control to open the window.

Step 2

A’re time in the control panel go to the Hardware section and audio and power options and once there go to the section labeled “Power Plans” . In this section deberas choose the plan that you like and give “Change plan settings”.

Once inside, you have to press the Button “Reset map default settings” , and give OK to apply.

Step 3

Once you give accepts go to the “Change advanced power settings” and these options are valid in the plan you chose. Then click “Restore Defaults Plan” , and give to accept the changes.

Done at these steps, the problem would have been solved your laptop and you should be borne again. However, there is a possibility that has not been solved this problem by following these steps to give you.

If so what you do is upgrade your operating system to correct the problem that no charges. Update your operating system is very simple and will not take you long to be updated also offer many benefits aside to solve your problem.

How do I upgrade my Windows 10?

 update window Windows 10

All you have to do to update your operating system to the latest version available is access to the search engine and type “Check for Updates” . After opening this tool presses the button labeled “Check for updates” to start the process.

you know there are several versions of the Windows operating system? between this article to know how many.

A Hallas downloaded the update is completed and the process must Restart your laptop for the changes to take effect. And voila, this insurance with your problem will be solved and reload your laptop as before.

To be updated solucionarte provide great benefits in addition to your problem as updated system is more optimal. If for some reason you can not upgrade your operating system seeks help for Windows 10 and so do the laptop reload.

We really hope this guide has been helpful and that you feel unable to resolve your problem to be connected toll-free.

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