And How To Create Quick Notes On The Desktop Of Windows 10 -Easy And Fast

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To celebrate the anniversary of Windows 10, users launched an operating system updates. One of them, were the Sticky Notes. In today’s article I will tell you all about how to market and create notes fast on the Windows desktop 10. It’s like wilt thou a post-it on the desktop, as in appearance it is similar.

How to Market and Create Quick Notes on the Windows Desktop 10 -Easy and Fast

While you keep an open app to have all the notes on your desktop and does not have many options, but it is actually quite basic, with Sticky Notes you have quick access to everything you need to remember.

Composing and Sticky Notes on your desktop Windows 10

Sticky Notes is an app created by Microsoft for Windows 10 and usually comes installed on the operating system but can also be installed from the official website of Microsoft. Its main function is create small notes that remain on your desktop visible and have access to them quickly and easily.

It is simply a notebook in which can not perform editing tasks such as changing the size or font type or create large texts. And sometimes presents sync errors, but with a look at the suggestions of the official Microsoft Support page you will solve it.

To start using this app productively , you just have to position yourself on the Windows start menu from the keyboard of your computer by pressing the Windows key or mouse clicking its icon on the taskbar.

Leave sticky notes

You must write “Sticky Notes” or “Notes ” or browse through the options until you find the app. you can start to write on it whatever you want. You can enlarge the size of the bloc stretching the sides with the mouse. You will see that the page is yellow.

If you want to add more notes, just press the “+” icon you have in the upper left corner of the block. You will see that you now have a piece of green notebook with what you’ve written above and a yellow leaf to write a new one. To add new notes, you can choose to write the “Ctrl + N” and a new page for you to start a new note opens.

Other features available to you is to delete a note pressed on the icon of the trash you get in the top right corner of the block. You can also Change Block color by accessing the menu you have three points also represented in the upper right corner.

If you want to keep all your notes on your desktop you must keep an open app . Otherwise also close all the notes you’ve written, but do not worry because you will not lose anything, you are saved and will open again every time you open Sticky Notes.

If you want this application opens every time you turn on your computer, you just have to configure: “Windows + R & gt; Shell: starup & gt; drag the shortcut to the app & gt; restart your PC .

How to use Insights to make quick notes on your desktop

Sticky Notes works with Cortana to deliver better results to users. To do this, you must first have Cortana on, of course. It this feature is known as Insights and not have to activate it as it comes enabled by default.

Create notes on desktop Windows 10

The Insights allows you to perform functions depending on the text you type, such as:

  • Skype Call a phone number you wrote in the notebook.
  • Send email to e-mail .
  • Access a web site from the URL.
  • Get more information about a flight if you type the flight number.
  • If you write a date and time when you click on it will access the calendar.

With regard to timing, the notes are stored locally, so can not access them from other computers, whether they use the same Microsoft account.

However, you can make a backup and restore it to another computer, but you must do it manually. If you want to synchronize all your notes with other devices we recommend using other apps like OneNote .

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