How To Time The Weather On The Lock Screen Of Windows 10

 Windows 10 climate

Mainly where Note that Windows 10 introduced important because it is the lock screen. This configuration can be displayed when turning on the computer or after activating the screen suspension, this lock screen is used to hide the home or office display.

This function works similarly to the way mobile devices, just as it is important to mention that lock screen, you can also add information . As Weather Time This information can be displayed without unlocking your computer.

It should also be noted that many users do not know how to configure your lock screen   Windows 10 to add information. For this reason, we will explain the steps below to personalize it.

Steps to display the time on locking the Windows screen 10

 lock screen time

Know the weather be during the day is an important fact for this reason, we will show you how to anchor the application time on the lock screen Windows 10 . To do this, simply follow a series of steps to achieve a good end result.

This procedure can be performed directly from Windows 10 without using a third party application. This process can be done from Windows settings themselves.

First of all should be directed to the Windows settings 10 and open, once you find located in this section must locate the option, it will guide you to other options where you must select ” lock screen” .

 Layout Windows 10

This is the diversity of functions among which we mention: the image of the background, you can also choose between applications to display a quick report and detailed statement. Then you can select a switch to the image of the lock down is displayed at login.

In the same way can see a variety of options for the lock screen, however, the application that is needed is to “detailed statement” .

You must press the icon of the application that the computer is installed by default. It displays a menu with a number of options and must choose the application “The Windows 10 times.”

Once you have completed this configuration can whether you stay well or not, you lock the computer and the display if the time is displayed.

It is important to note that often have to open the application “ Time ” to indicate which is the city where the user is located and thus display time on your site.

Why is it important to anchor information to the lock screen?

Windows 10 Time is an application that many users never open on their computers, but is information that can be useful.

On the whole application to the screen locks footnote on the screen whenever the information from the computer is locked to the scheduled time every day and the city where you are.

So depending on the layer customization you want’ll add information or Windows applications him – even the equipment of the lock screen, and customize the theme and wallpaper.

This is a very good choice, because if you’re busy and you need to have information on the range of a screen without entering the team can get anchor the necessary and relevant information to your screen locking. If you want, you can capture your lock screen.

In short, without unlocking the computer, or enter a key, you visualize what you want, like the state of the climate of the day if you must hurry to leave and you -you want to know this information for an informed public.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we like to know your opinion has been long time on the lock screen of Windows 10? Do you know any other method that allows you to do? Leave your answers in the comments.

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