How To Remove The Icon Contact The Taskbar Windows 10?

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more is not always better. We refer in this case to applications and surplus resources that sometimes the technology companies are responsible for their OS and, instead of help, can get to be boring. In this article, we’ll explain how to remove the tray icon contacts Windows Task 10.

It is one of the new features included in the new version of Windows 10 designers Fall Update is the incorporation in the taskbar, a Contacts icon.

Your task bar is used to move more easily and quickly with your desktop computer, why is Windows allows users anchor sites most used in the task bar.

What you are the contact icon?

In a word icon Contact or persons as it is also known. you can set the taskbar a list of favorite contacts to have them at hand and make the process of communication with these people, more fluid through different platforms.

This function, which for some could be attractive and striking ends resulting unnecessary and ostentatious because it reduces the space on the toolbar and screen for more applications practices and utilities, particularly when these small screens.

The result is that the icon of contact that is integrated into the new version of the multinational Redmond operating system, has been a troublemaker for users. Here, we show you how to how to remove the tray icon contacts Windows Task 10.

As you can remove unwanted icons on the task bar, it is also a way to Resize to locate them more easily.

Configure Windows 10

the Contacts icon is a feature that gives you information such as phone, email, address, etc., are persons of interest, either

personal or professional.

Steps to remove the icon contacts the Windows taskbar 10

If you feel sympathy for those who do not integrated contact icon in Windows 10. You we will show you here seem unnecessary and useless how to get rid.

The first thing to know   is that the version of Windows 10 fall creators, t and the ability not only to disable the icon in contact with the taskbar.

&NBSP addition, it offers the opportunity to put your favoritism in the distribution of opinion or sounds that run personal contacts and involve   users.

To display the Contacts icon in Windows 10, first of all, you need to open the Settings function. The best way to do that is pulse via keyboard: Windows key + I. This action allows the configuration window opens, where we drive on the Customize option


Browse to a new screen where the taskbar option is observed. You can access many settings , you decant by.   “ Contacts

 starting Windows 10

In this section, you will get three additional configuration options. The first shows on the taskbar icon Contact  . And   to enable or disable


A second configuration shows you notifications from contacts and gives you the ability to receive or not receive these notifications.    . And a third configuration lets you disable sound notifications but not your relatives visual

Finally, to remove the icon contacts the Windows task bar 10. Place – you in the first configuration above -: View the Contacts icon and click “off” loan icon is disabled contacts . The following summarizes the steps to disable the icon contact:

  • In the word of the search function is typed ‘Settings’ and leads. Locate “Customize”. Access “Taskbar”   .. window Stop contacts icon
  • Another way to customize the taskbar brings the color you like and your preference.

If you think the computer taskbar is slow, cumbersome and believe more elements do not work Simplify. Today we show how to disable or delete contacts bar icon Task Windows 10.

The taskbar is one of the elements you use Windows gives you, because with it, you can have all the tools you need to reach your hand, but when we use the video playback VLC program is a little ill at ease, but there is a way to remove it when we use the extended screen mode the program.

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