Removing Or Remove Google Chrome From The Widget Volume Windows 10

 Delete volume Chrome Widget Windows 10

Google is a search engine very popular among users is the browser that most Internet records worldwide. Its greatest feature is its Ease of use also accepts different commands to search more narrow the search. In turn, the company increases its operation by updates.

At first, it should be noted that if a member of the Google Chrome browser, you may have noticed that the increase or decrease the volume of any element or content you’re viewing on your computer is Windows 10 automatically widget with volume controller .

Apart from this widget can Pause and resume playback, raise and lower the volume, and to see the following content or backward  . Now, right! If what you want is to remove or delete the volume Windows 10 widget   we’ll show you all the steps.

Google: Steps to Remove the Windows Volume 10 widget

 Chrome, Windows 10.

In turn, this feature for many users is very useful because it seems like a functional tool, but for many users, this feature not like because they are a nuisance.

For this reason, it is important to understand how you can eliminate this Windows volume widget. Note that this tool appears when you play a video or flat – form YouTube from the Google Chrome browser.

In turn, this tool is a little big and for this reason it causes discomfort to some users also should disappear within seconds. But many times it takes a little more to hide, therefore, must follow a series of steps to eliminate it.

So to eliminate this widget you must disable the browser and this process can be achieved through the ” compatible-hidden features/ of the browser itself. First, you must find a tab in the browser and should look for the following address :. Chrome//flags and must press ENTER

This option automatically, we will open a new window containing the experimental parameters and the Chrome browser options in this case. While it is to look for the “# key material handling media” . Option

 Display # key equipment of media manipulation.

This option is recommended to look into the search bar, as this find faster. Also, note that with this adjustment is achieved the volume to disable the widget control.

In addition to performing this procedure, you will find a window on the right side where you can click and displays a mini-menu where you select “off” .

Further processing to delete the volume widget

Then, in the lower navigation button blue color that allows is displayed to restart the browser . A notice to click when the window is closed temporarily, but reopened automatically and established parameters. It is a very simple procedure.

From that moment can notice that the keys pressed on Windows volume control when viewing a reading in the browser, not the volume control appears a Chrome widget you are so ill at easy.

In turn if you change your mind and want time to enable this option, you can do it again. Simply repeat the steps above and you change the On and press the blue button to restart the browser and thus adjust the desired changes.

So, these steps will permanently remove the widget from your browser, it’s annoying interruption function you more time to display any content on YouTube. Rest assured if you decide to change your mind, you know that you can reverse.

Chrome has always believed in providing the best tools, features and applications to their users. For this reason, it is known as browser globally more popular   Briefly always looking to improve and Create Tools extensions that are useful to their users and if others seem uncomfortable giving them the ability to remove. Always think of all.

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