How To Remove Or Uninstall Internet Explorer Completely In Windows 10

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Then we will see How to delete or completely uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 10 with this simple tutorial that will show step you spend all you need to do to remove old this browser.

Microsoft edge is the new proposal of the company to try to win the lost confidence through Internet Explorer. A browser that had very good years and was slowly disappearing, become protagonist of many jokes between browsers, memes, funny videos, etc.

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Who has not seen any kind of meme Internet Explorer? And no wonder, because it was the worst browser we had the misfortune to try. Fortunately, it obsolete and no longer used at all.

So why keep in Windows? There is no reason. So we will proceed to completely remove the operating system. At present, there are options more attractive browsers and faster, for many years in fact.

The following tutorial will appreciate detail how you should proceed to eliminate the outdated browser and old Microsoft once for all your Windows operating system 10.

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How to uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 10

  • The first thing you need to do is press the “ Windows + I ” to access the Windows settings. You can also do it from the menu “ Home ” by pressing the gear icon.
  • Then we will press on “ Applications “.
  • In general, when we tried to uninstall all applications listed in this menu. But Internet Explorer is an application that comes natively on the operating system will appear in this menu.
  • What we need to do is click on “ Special Functions “. This link is located under the heading “ Applications and features “.
  • Now you have to do is go down until you find “ Internet Explorer ” Once you do just have to put pressure on it to score.
  • When marked notice that appears in a table on the right that says “ Uninstall ” press the option in question.
  • Once you have completed the uninstall process, the old and obsolete Microsoft browser will be completely disabled on your operating system.

How to completely remove Internet Explorer in Windows 10

As mentioned above, at the time was the most used browser in the world. Perhaps because instalabas Windows was the only one we had, perhaps because the options for browsers are not too many. What we know is that it was not the first to be the best.

Those of us on the Internet for years, we know that Internet Explorer is perhaps one of the most used Internet browsers. He had his timing was great for several years.

to Firefox is completely dethrone him, something that we welcome and much, because for a long time

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If you have any kind of doubt how to remove Internet Explorer in Windows 10 You can leave a little down and be happy to help in any way we can.

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