How To Rename Or Rename All Files Massively In Windows 10

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Today we will see rename or rename all files massively in Windows 10 . Sometimes better to have organized a lot of files, ideally rename. Go one by one can be boring, right? That is why we will teach you how massively in Windows.

How to Rename or Rename all files in Windows 10 massively

There are many programs to do this. We can even find programs to modify, using filters, parts of the names of different files, change uppercase and lowercase letters, among other interesting things.

However, what we want to achieve is to change massively the names of many files in a folder in Windows 10. It is a process quite easy to carry out and can do without installing any kind of software .

It is clear that with the right program can achieve better results to some extent. Nor is it a too big difference, but to have nothing installed and do the functions of Windows 10 the result is just great.

It is worth mentioning that this tutorial is also valid for other versions of the operating system because it works across both. Windows XP, and Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows 8

So not much more to add let’s start with this detailed tutorial so you can modify all the files in a folder of the operating system.

Before you start working with a file is important that you make sure that this presents no problem for the task is not an error message or for example you have a hidden file need to be re-displayed on the screen.

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How to rename many files at once in Windows 10

  • The first thing we do is go to the folder where all the files you want to rename meet.
  • After this we will have to select them all. For this you can press “ Ctrl + E “. You can also go to “ Home ” and then on the top right of the screen click “ Select All “.
  • After this with right click on one of these files will open a context menu. Among all these options to choose the “Rename” and change for all selected files.
  • Another option is to use the “ F12 ” key and in this way can rename all files massively in Windows 10.

This will leave all renamed files from consecutively . This means that if you put a file named “Heaven” all bear the name “Heaven” only to be numbered. For example: Sky (1), Sky (2), Sky (3), Sky (4), Sky (5), etc.


If one of this file was not damaged and allow you to rename or delete it, follow these steps to forcibly delete files.

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How to rename multiple files at once in Windows 10

In case you want to do from the console or command prompt can do it without problems by following these steps:

  • We go to the folder where all files which we want to rename massively found. In the address bar should write “ cmd “.
  • After pressing “ Enter ” you can appreciate that opens a black window. This is the command prompt.
  • If we want to appoint a single file we will have to add the following command: ren “filename.ext” “nuevonombre.ext”
  • But if what you want is to rename multiple files at the same time we have to enter this command: ren * .ext ??? -newname *
  • .

Obviously the first method for rename or rename all files massively in Windows 10 is much easier than the second. However, both can be used without any kind of problem because the results will be similar.

Remember that if you have more questions or problems related to this topic can leave them in the comments. At the same time we invite you to check our blog where you will find more Windows tricks that may be the most useful.

Just as you can rename a group of files, you can also you copy a file list , all together, from the context menu.

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