How To Reset Or Restore Windows 10 From The Lock Screen

 Windows 10 logo screen computer

In this article we will explain step by step how to reset or restore Windows 10 from the lock screen , which is ideal to solve any kind of problem you have when you start the operating system.

Windows we offer a variety of tools to keep equipment in good condition. One of those is the ability to restore or reset the OS when we think we need or when we have no alternative.

The problem happens when you do not have access to the operating system and we were on the lock screen. Something that prevents us access to the OS options to recover access to it.

How can we fix it? Do not worry because there is a way to restore the computer . Even formatting it from the lock screen without you having to do anything more than a few clicks.

A little further down we see this simple tutorial to get regain access to your computer and start using it as usual. Pay close attention and follow the guide to the letter and soon be enjoying your pc again.

Windows 10 logo screen computer drawing

How to restore Windows 10 from the lock screen

  • When we are in the lock screen will have to click on the button with the icon “ Off ” which will cause a small drop-down menu.
  • Before proceeding let down the “ Shift ” and then click “ Restart “. Still maintains the “ Shift ” key pressed until, after rebooting, the entire screen can display blue back and a few options.
  • Here we will have the options “ Continue ” that would be to follow the start of the team normally.
  • Then we have “ Troubleshooting ” and finally “ Shut Down “. Let’s take the second option click “ Troubleshooting “.
  • On the second screen what we should do is go to the option “ Reset this computer “.
  • This option in a nutshell is like formatting. Although we have two options: the first is to keep all files, ideal if you do not have a copy security thereof.
  • While the second is “ Remove all ” This removes all our personal data, files, photos, videos, programs, etc. Leave the computer with Windows 10 newly installed and ready to use, which means that the problem had completely disappeared.

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Restore Windows 10 from the lock screen

This serves to solve any kind of problem you have with your computer. Many times if we malware (virus) or any other kind of software failure. formatting a full (remove all we have and start from scratch) is solved without a doubt.

It is also important that you format your computer every few months depending on the use you give to it. We also recommend that you always make backups of your most important files.

As for backups best download Google Drive to your computer and create a folder on the Windows desktop to save from all important files that you create. This form can continue to keep everything as if it were a Windows folder with all the amenities that means, but in the cloud.

The cloud storage is the safest thing we have today to save a copy of all our important files. Can access from wherever and run no risk of losing data as you would if you decide to save them to a USB drive etc.

As you note is too simple a process that should take no more than a few minutes. At the end can use your computer as usual.

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