Saving A File Running Processes In Windows 10

As we know our electronic devices fear we are losing what we can and can not do. Often we waste time and money going to a specialist when solution have it here in this article. There are many tricks you can learn when we refer to your PC and then we’ll show how to save a file running processes in Windows 10.

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To view the processes running on Windows , we have to direct the tool task Manager . Here we can see important data about the programs that are running at that time. We can also see the resources it consumes and programs that run from the start, among other data.

But it turns out that we have this information poured into a text file so that they can watch later or to compare them later with the future performance of the system. It is for this reason that we would like to learn how to save a file running processes Windows 10.

Saving a file running processes in Windows 10

Fortunately, Windows allows you as a user can perform certain tasks without any problems. As in the case when you want to force, out or close a program that is not responding using small foolproof tricks to it. The same will do for save to a file running processes in Windows 10 , without requiring an external program.

So you’re wondering how we can do this, and we can tell that through the symbol Windows system. This is an interesting tool to learn and is very convenient to use. Since by means of entering commands, the system can do a specific task, that if we know the command necessary to do so.

And so we can make use of this tool, first thing we do is turn to the search for Windows and write the command cmd . This action will show the icon of the symbol of the system and must click on to show us the window and can enter the instructions below.

Steps to saved to a file running processes in Windows 10

The first step now is to type the following command tasklist and then will press the Enter key. Made this a list of all the processes that are taking place in the system at this time we appear on the black screen. We can see data like the amount of memory used, the PDI, the process name, session number, etc.

Now this information displayed on the black screen, we want somehow to be written to a text file. This to being able to watch later and not have to go to the task manager. To do this, we run the following command Tasklist & gt; D: procesos.txt


Let’s see that in the path indicated, has created a file with the name procesos.txt, Block notes. This file contains the same information and data that we could see the black screen symbol system. And this can form saved to a file running processes Windows 10


It is important that you also know that through the tasklist command can do different filters and then export them to a file. These filters can be on, using more menoría of a program, the system processes, etc. and this for different users who may be using the computer.

 save file process

You can see the use that can be given to the different tools that have this operating system Windows 10. And it allowed us a very simple and quick way to how to save a file processes running on Windows 10.

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