How To View And Display The Seconds On The Clock Of Windows 10 – Easy And Fast

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One of the great attributes that offers Windows 10 with its new version is the ability to customize almost every its functions and features. Above all,   if they are anchored in the taskbar,   as the clock. In this sense we will show you in this article View and display the seconds on the clock of Windows 10, easy and fast.

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This is something that has attracted much attention from a lot of users because it can change the time format , because we can not add the second. And a new question then arises.

Is there an option to do this in Windows 10? And the answer is yes   and then we’ll show that we must do to see seconds left.

Of course, this option does not allow directly from a configuration of the clock. But there is a trick that will allow us to do this in a simple way, and through registration system. And it is as simple as changing or customize the Orb button the start menu < strong> Windows 10 and here the explanation.

How to view and display the seconds on the clock of Windows 10

We’ve already repeatedly said that when we make any changes or modifications to the system settings. It is convenient and advisable, to back security on current values ​​before of change, this will not protect, if that mistake and the system can recover to the moment before making changes.

clarified this point and having made the respective copy, we will proceed into the executable window Windows 10. And from there, we will launch the following command regedit then we will follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced

Steps to   see and show the seconds on the clock of Windows 10

The next step is to put you mouse cursor on an empty space in the panel on the right side and you right-click. This action will display a menu of options and must choose the New then DWORD value (32 bits) . This new value, you must place the following name ShowSecondsInSystemClock and then press the Enter key.

Now the value you just created you double-click, you an edit box and you must write in the field of value 1 will appear.

And also switched to Hexadecimal finally we click on OK to save changes option. We will close the open windows and proceed to make a reboot our computer.

In this way the changes we have made in the registry of the system and can see them second in the clock Windows 10 will apply .

When again the system will check the taskbar where is start the clock anchored , you can see the hour, minutes and seconds now.

If at some point, want to reverse this process and want to see the clock as in his previous presentation. You just have to reenter registration system and delete the value that you created or just change the value from 1 to 0 .

Ready, will the clock without seconds, time how easy it is to work with Windows 10 and especially if you have an understanding of the next steps.

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definitely Windows 10 has given us a lesson in what it means to get up and move on, after the failure I mean Windows 8.

It brings a customizable and ingenious new features full operating system. And so we end this article you could teach simple steps View and display the seconds on the clock of Windows 10.

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