Sending And Receiving Files Via Bluetooth From My Pc In Windows 10 -Easy And Fast

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Currently, use of wireless connections for file transfers, has become a very common way to do this and one that more can be use is Bluetooth . That’s why you want to teach a tutorial if you have not know how to send and receive files via Bluetooth from my computer on Windows 10 in one way easy and quick.

How to send and receive files via Bluetooth from my PC in Windows 10 -Easy and Fast

Gone are the days where you had to be connecting wirelessly from your computer to your mobile , to be able to transfer your files. At this time of the technology boom, it would be a waste of time while being a very rudimentary way to spend your video or audio music.

But you follow not concerned, in the following article we will show how you can send and receive files via Bluetooth from my PC in Windows 10. And best of all, is that You learn to make a very simple way from your PC, follow us so that you know the steps, and this will be as easy as downloading official topics Windows 10.

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How to send and receive files via Bluetooth from my PC in Windows 10

Perform the task of send and receive files via Bluetooth from My Computer Windows 10 it is very easy to do and then we explain to do. Go to your computer and you will place your mouse pointer over the taskbar. While there you do right clip will appear several options and you will choose Settings.

This will take you to the configuration window and you’ll be directed to the left side of the screen and you select Start. A clip making, will take you to another window and it’ll choose the Bluetooth Devices . we clip and go to another window, it will position us on the left side and select the Bluetooth option.

When you have done this, you will appear on the right side of the screen Device Manager Bluetooth . And here you must check if the Bluetooth option is enabled, if not you turn it on. To do this, you need only move the selector to the right, it will change color and blue will and will show the message On.

At this point you begin to search for the device to pair and connect with it, if you want to connect with your cell phone. You must have the Bluetooth on your phone, otherwise you will not be able to connect. At the time, it will appear on your computer data from your mobile device and you’ll need to clip on it and then on the Match option.

Matching equipment to send and receive files via Bluetooth

After this is done will appear on your computer the following message compare the access code and a code of 6 digits . On your cell phone is also going to appear this code and must prove they are identical. Your phone must press the Link option on your PC and now the only option if you expect that both teams are paired.

You’ll notice that the process is completed when the message Connected, and now you can send all the files that you want to appear. From your PC to your phone or from your phone to your PC. To send an image file for example, you have to select the picture and then make the right clip.

This action will display several options and you will select Send to and then do clip Device Bluetooth . The display your phone, and finally choose clip do the following option will appear. And both your computer and your phone advancing the transfer of the file and just wait until it finishes show.

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Now if you want to send a file from the phone to the computer, re-enter the Bluetooth settings. Then you go to select the Send or receive files via Bluetooth and then in the Receiving Files option. Then you go to your phone and share your file via Bluetooth.

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