Putting Desktop Background In Windows 10 Images Spotlight

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When we use any application or even an operating system, either mobile devices such as Android or desktop and Windows. We think that their different functions or feature can only be used in the manner as they were created. But nowadays it is not and we can use it for a different purpose. Then we will show how to put desktop background in Windows 10 Spotlight images.

 put background image

For those who do not know Windows Spotlight is a new feature Windows 10 which displays various images on the lock screen. These images have a very good quality and offer us different topics. And we’ve always wondered whether it will be possible to desktop background in Windows 10 the images of Spotlight.

The answer is yes, but turns out to be a rather difficult operation due to ignoring what the ultimate fate of these images. And the sources of these images are also varied. And to do this will not be as simple as customize the subject and background desktop & nbsp ; Windows 10


How to Market desktop background in Windows 10 images Spotlight

But that tenth that this task is a bit difficult, it may not be difficult but if a little tedious because if we know where Windows 10 Save these images. They will not have an extension and we have to do this work to put an extension of each image and this may take us some time.

But we will tell you that this arduous task can be automated by using a Script which was in charge of doing all the work for us. What does this mean simply that the script anger directly where Windows 10 stores these images and will put a extension to each one and then store it in another folder.

Since this script It has a default setting to save images on a specific route and is the can change. The route is the default folder is Images & gt; Wallpaper & gt; Spotlight and save it to a folder on OneDrive. To make this change we will route direct line number 6 and here we place of our choice.

Making Spotlight images are displayed automatically

But you know that Windows Spotlight every day is adding new images and these will not be available for use as background screen. So we can do, quiet We can also make the script perform this task. To do this we will use an XML file and it will create a Windows scheduled task.

Then we have downloaded the file, we will open the scheduler Windows 10, then we look for the option Import Job and we will click. We then select the downloaded file, the next step we must do is to choose the Triggers tab and it will place the tempo in which you want the script will run.

Once this is done, we will lead the Actions tab and choose an entry will thereupon the will edit. Then in the section Program/Sequence command, let’s click Browse and choose the script will that we had downloaded earlier. Finally we just left is to click Save and left us.

The last step is to go to the Settings in this window and then select Customize Background section click will do in slideshow. The next thing to do is select where we indicated that the images are saved and ready Spotlight this all you have to do.

 desktop background image

It is a simple operation to perform but a little tedious but worthwhile to have these images so dazzling that shows the application. And if you follow the verbatim these instructions to go to post. desktop background in Windows 10 images Spotlight

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