Putting The Focus Icons To The Middle Of The Taskbar Windows 10

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One of the cells more features in the Windows system task bar, which in addition to being a useful tool, appreciated by users as one of the most important of the entire system as it is inside where it anchored some of the most used applications by users. This can modify or adapt to your preferences, if you want to change the color hides even make icons are larger .

The taskbar has a straight right hand, which is reserved for the clock which can also customize to your liking and even the system tray; while on the left side, there is the space where the button of the « Home » Windows.

The menu shown

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In the most advanced operating system versionas you can see in this section and mime, Cortana, the view of tasks and applications tool that are anchored.

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How to manually focus the icons?

To begin, you must create a folder to be empty and also to the name you want, then wrap it around the office and much easier access to it.

After this, you must ensure not the settings of your blocked taskbar ; to confirm it, you can just right click on the taskbar and in it, to see if there is a symbol « Audit » in the « Lock bar tasks «.

If you have this check, you must press to unlock and have no problem, it’s now just a matter of you have rooted your toolbar, those who use more frequently and in this way you can center pass the bar properly, all with the simple creation of a new toolbar with the instructions:

  1. Start by right-clicking the taskbar, then it takes the pointer over the «Toolbar» once there, you choose «New Toolbar»
  2. Then it’s time to select the folder you created the beginning of the tutorial, this will be your new toolbar
  3. You should now see the folder so anchored to the end of the Taskbar , and got, he left to see two vertical bars
  4. You must pass the pointer of the mouse just over the bar and just like at that time, you’ll notice that you can drag both left Barrar. The proceeds of the slide until they go completely the other side
  5. After this you will see displayed on the side of the icons you just selected in the center
  6. Finally, you must click the folder you created and go to uncheck the option «text Display » and «Show Title» for it to disappear of the.

 Windows taskbar

Align icons taskbar

In addition to various programs of use, it is possible that we can align our own these icons manually for which to create an empty folder inside of your computer, such as C :.\CarpetaCreada

After this we will press the right button on the taskbar and select « Toolbar » and press the « New Toolbar «where we will select the folder created in the beginning.

When you created the task bar, the next step is to move the bar, we have created « CarpetaCreada » just left, next to the button in the menu, in order to Barrar restructure task.

If this happens you can not move all this, you should check that do not have activated « Lock the Toolbars «.

Once you are on the left, you subtract be just the size and ready, then press the right button on the taskbar and go to check the options « Display fit» and « Show title » in order to hide the folder name

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