How To Configure And Set A Default Printer In Windows 10

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Many people decide to install and configure your network printer, or sometimes more than one. This can make you miss time when choosing a printer, whenever you need to print a text document. So it is good that we can configure and set a default printer.

Setting Up and Set a default printer in Windows 10

It happens that mistakenly send files or documents to a printer not want to use to print the document. It may be that the error is that the printer is not turned on or that printer is not connected; and the situation may be more complex if the printer is network Windows and MacOS computers .

When you’re networking, for example at work, it may happen that we were wrong to sending the file where we should not. This can be problematic both for us and for our co-workers, In this case know how to find the IP address of a printer can be useful.

If at home we have several devices, the problem is not so serious; but you are choosing a printer when you want to print a document lose time. It will be a bother sending a file to print to one that does not work or do not want printer.

Whatever the situation we find ourselves, simply show you two ways of how to set up and configure a printer as the default in Windows 10.

Set up a printer on Windows 10 with control panel

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To configure and set a default printer in Windows 10 using Control Panel, you must log course to the Control Panel. To access more direct way there we press on our keyboard the Home key along with the letter R .

When we perform this key combination, the option to Run will appear. In the blank box will place the words Control Panel or just Control and click OK . Immediately a window showing our control panel will appear.

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Once we have agreed to Control Panel, will locate where it says Hardware and Sound . Just below appears View devices and printers . With the left mouse button will press our there.

will display a window where we can see all the devices that we added and we can use in Windows 10. In the part of Printers can see printers that are in our system.

We locate the printer you want to set as default and the right mouse button click on it our. a menu will appear where Set as Default Printer , will be displayed with the left mouse button tildamos that option.

And you’re all set, the next time you want to print a file, it will print with the printer has been selected as the default. That easy and simple way have set and set a default printer using the Control Panel.

Configure and set up a printer on Windows 10 with settings

Using Control Panel is not the only way to set a default printer; There is a second way to do this and it is through the Settings. To do it this way you should go first to configuration.

 Person working on laptop with printer connected
To access settings , we headed to Home . Once there select the option Settings . There we can see a menu where the Devices is shown. With the left mouse button will press our there.

When you have performed the above procedure can be seen printers and scanners we have added to our system Windows 10. With the mouse will move us down and we will locate where it says Let Windows manage my default printer.

In this case we will disable Let Windows manage my option default printer . Now we place the printer you wish to place default and pressed there. a menu where we choose the option Manage will appear.

When the setting printer appears, will press the left mouse button on our the option that says Set as default. When we have done this last step has been made to set the printer as the default in Windows 10.

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We’ve tried to be simple and practical when it comes to show how to configure and set up a printer in Windows 10. Keep visiting to keep learning more about how to troubleshoot problems that arise in using your computer.

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