How To Customize The Theme And Wallpaper From My Windows 10 Pc?

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With so many users of technological equipment, natural with said apparatus, whether smart phone or tablet in this case PC is to want to make our own. Therefore, every update large companies incorporate small changes that we can achieve. If you want to learn how to customize the screen background theme and Windows 10 keep reading.

Customize the theme and background of Windows 10 is only two of all proposed alternatives Windows operating system version Microsoft . This software allows you to change the background color of folders – plan add sound according to functions, create your own background colors or add to stress, etc.

Windows Spotlight

It is a feature included in the operating system that you fill Microsoft’s Bing images so that, as a user can have a variety of lock wallpapers. One advantage is its adaptation to the preferences and because it is updated daily will not see a picture twice.

It is intuitive to share tips and tricks for Windows 10 so you can make the most. It also analyzes the applications you have downloaded and made suggestions based on observed preferences.

To make it work on your computer, go to “ Settings ” located in the task bar in the menu, select “ Custom ” and “ Lock screen “. Once you leave the pop-up window, select the “ Windows Spotlight “.

Discover how you can customize the theme and background Windows screen 10

When it comes to change the subject mentioned the change in appearance of the office in general, color in sales to the menu design. You will find that Move the two is very easy if we are going to do so you can customize the theme and wallpaper Windows 10.

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Customize background

All these steps are performed in Windows settings, so once you select “ Custom ” and “ back “. Just below this option can find the box to make these changes. It is a simple process that customize and change the color of the clock on Windows 10.

If you select “ Image ” You can see the online images that are predetermined to appear. You can also select “ Browse ” with which you can choose the folder you want to own pictures that appear.

In addition, you can simply select “ Solid Color ” if you want to keep things simple unadorned. One trick is to have already uploaded several photos to get you an image library.

Customize and make your own theme with Windows 10

Once in “ Custom ” in the setup menu, you may notice that there are several options you select “ Themes “. What brings you to a screen that shows how your current theme and you can go change the colors, sounds or the cursor.

In the statement that says apply a’ll issue see the default Windows themes 10. By clicking on them, you can go and see what suits you more, they will change all the above in the system.

Create your own theme on “ Save Theme “. Record the name of your choice and with this, you can, in this same selection, will set these options according to your preferences and tastes.   This issue now automatically appear among the options


 apply colors to choose

And you can customize the theme and just wallpaper Windows 10 and you think. However, if you want more options, you can download an exclusive web topics in Windows by selecting “ more topics in the store “.

There are many options to choose just have to click on it to call your attention to see in detail and decide if you download.

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