How To Track And Find My Windows 10 Laptop Easily Lost Or Stolen

 lost track stolen or pc with windows 10

Many people rather lose wallet with money and documents, but not lose your laptop. Of course! So they are expensive and personal information containing sensitive sensitive and you can become a serious problem. And you want to follow and find your Windows laptop easily lost or stolen 10.

If your laptop stolen or lost use the Windows 10 operating system, it is very likely that we can help you follow or even better, to recover. Just keep reading our post at the end, you will be surprised at how advanced and monitoring electronics technology, such as IP address, for example . While here, we’ll show you how to do it properly with Windows 10.

 find the camera settings

How to track and find my Windows 10 laptop lost or stolen

download and install the updates that Microsoft provides through its operating system regular, it is very useful, in addition to providing security to your data as with onedrive. Because some of these new updates let you find your laptop lost using tracing the target Windows 10.

Microsoft Enables recording of regular location of your device and make – you are the administrator. This feature is very easy to use, and what it does is – it sends its exact location and time. your Microsoft account   for this to work, you must log in with your account Microsoft


If you do not have an account, you have the option to set it as the need for tracing. To access this feature, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Enter “Settings.”
  2. Then “Update and security.”
  3. In the left menu, find and select “Find my device. “If Windows 10 does not save the location of your device regularly. To change this, need to click the “Edit” button, located in the “Search my device. “
  4. After clicking on the Edit asset “Save my location of the device periodically.” Once you have completed this, the feature is enabled.
  5. When you need to locate your laptop, the first place you should look is the Microsoft site. Entering the same account you log in using the device you want.
  6. Find your device with Windows 10 in the list of devices you have registered your account and select “Find my device” button next to the device you are looking for.
  7. After a while, receiving information on the final location of your device, and will also be displayed on a map. Assumes continue on GPS and Internet access. And the person who found his desire to put it back.

If the thief does not return your laptop, Will you have access to your information?

 location Map lost my pc

Connect to your Microsoft account (obviously stolen from another device), select Start & gt; Configuration & gt; Account & gt; . Check the information to ensure that the administrator.

Lock your device remotely Windows, when you are on the map, select Block & gt; Next. Once your device is locked, you can reset your password for security. On the track of your laptop for security, we recommend pair of blocks protect your data. The same process can send a note with your phone number to the person to arrange delivery.

It is a kind of screen saver, the attempt to start the person’s laptop can not access because I locked remotely , but it shows the note. Another option would be enable control of your PC remotely via your Android .

So remember – that before entering and panic and call the police to lose your laptop, visit us and see what ticket, he is likely to find it near you. If you enjoyed this article please share it with friends and family. And we see in the next installment.

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