How To Enable Or Disable The Bar Games Windows 10 – Easy And Fast

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In today’s article we will see how to enable or disable the busbar Windows 10 in an extremely simple manner and above all quickly, as a few clicks, you will have this option turned on or off.

What is the use of busbars ? Basically, it is a feature that allows us to record our games in the background. You can also send the director (streaming) display taking app or go to the Xbox.

Although it can sometimes become something useful. We are not interested in most of us that bar, because all we want is to enjoy our favorite game to relax a while.

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So we said bar is useless. What we will do and we will also disable Disable DVR game used to record the screen in the background. If you want to activate. Do not worry because it is the same process for both.

In the Windows Control section you can enable or disable games bar and play DVR no longer be a problem when you start your favorite game. Let’s see in detail what you need to disable or enable this feature of Windows 10.

How to live or bar sets off in Windows 10

  • The first thing we need to do is enter “ Home ” or press the “ Windows ” in your physical keyboard.
  • You will appreciate that displays a menu with many options. Here we have to press the gear icon gear or to the left of the screen.
  • We opens the “ Windows Settings ” where we will have many options. Although we choose is “ Games “.
  • Once the game settings inside. What we need to do is press “ game bar ” in the left sidebar of the screen.
  • The first option is what we want “ Save videos, screenshots and retransmitted with busbars ” simply move the switch to disable or enable cookies.

How to enable or disable DVR game

If you want to disable “ DVR Set ” You must do the same as in the previous tutorial. The only thing in the sidebar will choose found under “bar game” “Game DVR.”

Background Recording ” find the option to enable or disable this feature could become annoying. Since recording in the background, you can consume a lot of resources of our system. Something that, when we play, is not quite pleasant.

But as you see disable or enable busbars is something very simple in Windows 10, which should not take more than a few seconds. After that, if you want to reboot your computer to ensure that changes are implemented, it would be better.

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You will not have to deal more with this boring bar that many of us are not interested at all and you can still enjoy all the games you have installed on your computer without any problems or with Game DVR running in the background, which is appreciated, especially when you use heavy games.

We hope you do not leave any doubt c OW enable or disable the busbars and DVR set in Windows 10 . Similarly, if you have questions, comments below is the right place for them and we can all help us improve our experience with Windows 10.

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