Activating The Plan Maximum Power Performance In Windows 10

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As you probably know Netizen part of the default Windows power 10 ways you. “balanced, economizer, high performance” When your laptop or a computer is low on battery, apply the Safe mode to save battery power, so do take the work you do.

And know that there is a fourth power saving mode ? Yes, they call up mode or “maximum performance”. How is this possible? It does not appear in the configuration of power plans? If you want to know what it is and enabled in Windows 10 , then this post is for you.

 range of options for energy plan

Map or performance of the maximum power mode Windows 10

the maximum yield is a diet plan that is designed to server computers or high-end to perform high-intensity tasks, feeding into the wall outlet DC.

Because the purpose of the plan to optimize the performance of your hardware, using the Windows 10 operating system where power mode to operate.

The maximum output power level is automatically activated?

By default, this mode is only available for computers high power office where performance is critical to function. Not available on systems using batteries. However, you show you how to activate for all devices you have with Windows 10. But keep in mind that the battery will drain faster. It is your decision.

Enable maximum performance of the diet plan

Follow these steps to enable maximum performance plan in Windows 10. This mode will run applications faster:

  1. you upgrade Windows 10 with methods that can access in comfortably, or automatic updates.
  2. Then enter setup & gt; System & gt; energy and suspension & gt; power options.
  3. Next & gt; Choose or customize a power & gt plan; extend the option that says “ Show additional plans “.
  4. and see the best performance plan and restart your computer, select. Fact!

But if applicable, maximum performance does not appear. You must make another short series of steps to achieve their appearance and selection:

  • Open command system as an administrator.
  • A system control, copy the following command: and press Enter “powercfg -DUPLICATESCHEME e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61”
  • .

  • Once minimize the symbol and enter System & gt; System & gt; suspension & gt energy plan; additional power settings.
  • Select Map of maximum energy efficiency.
  • Done!

 command line control panel

Getting disk without hibernation or CPU and be more effective, but if you want to disable the completely hibernation option in Windows 10. can also watch other benefits such as:

  1. The timer frequency JavaScript is maximum.
  2. The speed of the processor running at full capacity, safely and stably.
  3. The video card displays its maximum potential without risk of injury.

If you need to disable the maximum performance mode, you must   return to power settings Advanced & gt; click Change plan settings for maximum performance. In the next window, you can disable it.

In short, if you have a PC, we suggest you turn the maximum performance power plan when you use it. So when you play online, or when you use a video editing software, which are tasks that require a lot of CPU/power GPU get the best result in less time.

So now you active Maximum performance mode , enjoys a unique and extraordinary experience speed of your PC.

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