To Activate And Use The New History Clipboard In Windows 10

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When used operating systems Windows , there are certain important routine tasks within your application. In these tasks we can highlight one of the most popular as they are copied and pasted. This small but simple action, is one of the most used in the world.

Activating and Using the New History Clipboard in Windows 10

This action facilitates the use and editing files, which usually tend to be multimedia. One of the most traditional way to carry out this action is to use a command letter, simple and fast, as it is “ CRL + C ” to copy and paste is “ CRL + V “.

With this combination and selecting so previous several files, an image, document or program will copy the file invisibly, before being inserted into the place we want. This temporary site tells the system clipboard.

However, there different concerns of users to this action. Since multiple times this action is not usually true to the original file, resulting in mostly different errors within the same performances of the tool users want to repair.

All of these errors have been eliminated in the new version of Windows 10 , and with this, all those concerns and errors cease to be a headache.

Since this version include a new feature history, which is intended to give support to all those files that you copy and paste, if you run into some confusion or error . In this tutorial we will teach you some tricks regarding this issue and how to use it if some kind of error in it.

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How to use the clipboard in Windows 10

The clipboard that has Windows 10, is quite similar to any application tool that is operating within that OS . This clipboard, has a very important role, since it is essential to copy and paste different types of data and information within the different applications of the operating system.

If you want to use you can use the command keys mentioned above or, failing that, press right and select the option “ Copy “. In this way the information has been shaded is saved automatically in Windows clipboard said.

After that, we can perform the same action but this time with the “ paste ” or command keys “ CRL + V ” option so that the information had previously selected sticking in another folder.

This is a fundamental action when any action is done within our computer, as different folders or files need to be moved, depending on the action we need to do.


How to access the contents of the clipboard in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you will see that the content has been copied into the clipboard, it has a limit and this applies to texts that are plain, HTML and likewise images are less than 1MB in size.

You can copy a single element that is within history, all with just a click on the. Once you’re gonna do, the dialog box appears and our clipboard so it can be turned off when you need it.

This tool to copy and paste is especially useful for students , since her perform multiple tasks and actions related to their assignments.

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Although the option has been available for quite some time now , each of these new updates grants every person the ease of using the application in the manner in which they are most comfortable and simple.

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