How To Automatically Update All Applications On My Windows 10 Pc? -Step By Step

 actaualizar pc applications

Since not all are immersed in the technological world, you may not know that the applications found on our PC. also they need to be updated, as with our mobile applications. It is why in the next tutorial we will show How to automatically update all applications from my PC Windows 10 It happened at a time.

updating applications

But why these must be updated App? This is necessary to function properly or to have the latest news that has been included in the update. But it turns out that this work can consume our precious time if we decide to manually update one by one and have more than 20 App.

Windows 10 offers useful tools, as we have seen in other articles talking about this OS . We could recently released as deleting temporary files download folder, something you allow you to have more speed your searches.

How to automatically update all my PC applications Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system gives you the ability to turn these updates automatically so you do not have to do it manually. It is also advisable to have this feature for not using outdated versions of applications. And this is due to our little interest or no knowledge about this feature.

When we activate this option, whenever there is an update is installed on our computer automatically. And not required intervention by the user, nor will send you a message asking you permission. must also remember that this function will be held as long as ‘re connected to the network .

The first thing to do to automatically update all applications on my PC Windows 10 click Start to guarantee you access to the store and then you select Microsoft Store.. When you entered the Settings option must search for this you go to the upper right corner, where the three-point icon is


This will generate stock a menu and you select the Settings option, then this will indeed take his window. And first you’ll find option Automatically update applications. Usually this option is disabled and you activate it, to do this you just have to clip on the switch and switch activated.

And you’re ready and every time an update this is installed automatically on your PC is available. And have no problem with having some application on your computer obsolete or outdated . But I have to say though is enabled automatically update , some App can not be updated then you can do the following.

When I introduce errors to the upgrade applications

It is very likely that our computer has more than two disk and is very common that errors present that do not allow some applications are updated. Or because the location of the download is not correct and we must change it. To do this we go to Settings, as you do know this from Start and then clicking System.

Here you must assign the new address download, then you’re going to lead Storage, located on the left side in the side menu. And now you select the Storage location of the new content . And you must ensure that tells you to be installed in the unit or disk C.

Now to verify that everything is fine and that updates will be performed correctly. Go to Settings, then click the Applications option and features, now scroll down until you find the application you are upgrading. And now you will select the Move option.


And you’re ready, the update will be performed on the C drive, as we had already set up, so we have given you important information so you can update your App. And this ends form this article and you have shown the steps you must take to. automatically update all my PC applications Windows 10

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