How To Use All The Ram That Can Be Used In Windows 10

 using rAM

Currently, we make use of a lot of RAM, so our computers Windows can work efficiently with the different applications we have installed. That is why, in the next tutorial will teach you that you must do to use all the RAM that can be used in Windows 10.

How to use all the RAM that can be used in Windows 10

Thanks to the versatility of this operating system, we can make a lot of adjustments and settings to their different functions. Just as we teach you to Activate Windows 10 without program . Here we will show a very important article, which talks about issues that are essential if we want to run our programs in a way. efficiently

RAM , also known as random access memory, is which it allows applications or work programs. And it is using the computer to charge all instructions running the CPU. This means that the higher the RAM, the better our PC work.

That is why, we have prepared the following tutorial, which in a very simple manner and without trying to entangle. We’re going to show how to use all the RAM that can be used in Windows 10 . Just follow the step by step and see that you will provide your computer more memory to run the various programs and applications.

 use RAM

How to use all the RAM that can be used in Windows 10

In this article we are going to show how to use all the RAM that can be used in Windows 10. This means that if your RAM is 2GB, can use its full capacity physical and not just a part of it, but it also can increase . So then you say how we should proceed.

The first thing we will do is turn to our personal computer and being on the desktop will put the mouse cursor on the icon for Windows. This is in the lower left. We clip and we can write in the search team, this will show a desktop application which is called My Computer.

On this option will make clip right for other options to be displayed and then will choose properties. We clip on it, this action will lead us to a new window and here we can see several sections.

We will turn our attention to system, and we can see our RAM as is their capacity and how it can use.

We can realize that our RAM , gives us a little more than half of its physical capacity. So now, what we will do is apply a method by which we can use its total memory capacity and not just a part of it. And thus get more out of our RAM.

full use of RAM in Windows 10

To use all the RAM that can be used in Windows 10 , we will do the following. Again we will direct Windows 10 icon, clip and do the search we will write the following address msconfig . Then the desktop application Configuring the system will appear.

We clip on this option and this will lead to a window where you can see several tabs, such as General, Boot, Services, etc. In our case we will select Start here too we will see several tabs. But we will select Advanced Options clip doing about it.

This action will lead us to another window with the name Advanced Boot Options and must place first select number of processors, the maximum amount that allows you.

For asiera the PC can use all your cores, then select the option Maximum amount of memory and must place the maximum that allows you.

 use rAM windows

If you RAM is 2 GB, you multiply 2 1024, this will give a total of 2048 and this is the figure that should be placed in this section. And now to finish the clip should do OK option and then OK again and finally must make clip on Restart to apply the new settings option.

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