How To Configure Vlc As Default Player In Windows 10?

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VLC is one of the players most important and used desktop computers and mobile devices. If you have this interesting software in Windows, it is best to know How to configure VLC as the default player in Windows 10? .

Setting up a default application, will all compatible files are always open with this software. This is very handy if you want to open each video file with VLC. Read the guide below to learn how to perform this process.

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Windows is OS the largest in the world 10 that the vast majority of people use every day on their computers. Thank you for this, there are many programs that can be used on the platform, payments to free software programs such as VLC.

VLC is distinguished by its extraordinary features Free Video Player . No doubt it is one of the most recommended for multimedia content playback on PCs with Windows 10 tools of the operating system.

For this interesting software we recommend you to visit Videolan, your site . Similarly should also know what is the process to convert this player to the default Windows 10.

How to configure VLC as the default player in Windows 10?

If you want to open all files in the video program, must download and update the VLC codec . Moreover, it would be better to configure the software to be the default application for video game This procedure can be done very easily, just follow the steps.

  1. To set the default VLC Player in Windows 10, the first thing to do is go to the settings of the operating system. To do this, go to start and locate “Settings.”
  2. Once you’re in the settings, you need to find a place “System” where the basic parameters of the Windows 10 operating system are.
  3. On this screen should locate the “Default Applications/Default Application” , once you have found this option, click it.
  4. Here are the default settings for basic functions of the operating system, including should be “Video Player” will default Windows video playback tool, in this case, should click on it.
  5. Pressing the previous option, all applications able to play the video in our system are displayed on the screen. This is where you select the application VLC after this will be set as the default application for playing videos.

It is also convenient to use methods to prevent Windows 10 applications by default automatically set VLC and thus continue to remain as the default player.

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Set a file format to open with VLC

Many times, certain formats that are unknown to the operating system, go unnoticed and are not configured as a video format, it will not automatically open the VLC app . Anyway, there is a simple configuration that can be followed in these cases:

  1. The first thing should be, is to locate the file you want to open with VLC program.
  2. When you find the video file, press the top then go right click “Properties.”
  3. The screen displays information related to the file, such as its size and weight. Either way, you need to locate the “open with” and press “Edit.”
  4. displays the “Open with” where you can select the default application for that file type. At the top of the recommended programs are presented in the case to show VLC Just press it and then on the “OK” button.
  5. If “other programs” does not seem VLC, click on the tab here and if does not appear, you need to look directly through the “Browse …” option, but it is certainly something ‘unusual.

With the above process will be properly configured opening said file with format VLC . You can also download skins for VLC on Windows 10 in the case where you want to customize the player.

By cons, if you do not feel satisfied with the program, you can consider some of the best alternatives VLC interesting options for audio and video playback.

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