What Is And How To Disable Look At The Desktop Or Aero Peek In Windows 10?

 Aero Peek in Windows 10 blue background

Windows 10 is one of the systems the most used operating around the world, as it has very good tools. They have them, we make things easier in most cases, however, it is true that not all are useful.

In fact, there are many tools that can become a nuisance to the people who use this operating system. And one of these tools is called Watch your desktop , and although some people like to have this option enabled users prefer to disable it.

you spent suddenly move your mouse cursor suddenly and all your open windows disappear? Many occurs. Why some prefer to disable this option, but do not know how to do and that’s where we come in, to guide you and solve this problem.

We have prepared this great article very carefully so that you know more this feature and how to disable it you do not mind. So read on and see that it is not difficult turn this tool Windows 10.

What is Aero Peek?

 Laptop with Aero Peek

Also known as eyes on the desktop, is a function of Windows which as its name suggests, lets give some perspective on our office.

This function was held in Windows 7 with two other features: Aero Snap and Aero shake This function is located at the bottom right of the taskbar. in fact, Windows 7 is very easy to see, however, not so much in Windows 10.

To do this, you must move the cursor to where you are, right at the end. You must move the cursor as Pegadito right to look through all open windows.

For some this is a very handy that you simply position the arrow on the icon for work &NBSP. Automatically all you have to the become transparent so you can see your desktop with everything you have into it. Nevertheless, although for some it may seem useful, others see it as an unnecessary function.

This tool is not essential and even for many becomes rather boring. This happens because sometimes inadvertently moving the cursor on the icon and everything becomes transparent to reveal the desktop.

If you are one of those who thinks that Aero Peek is not useful and prefer to disable it, this article is for you. We will show how to disable the feature really very simple and you can feel more comfortable with your PC.

How to disable Aero Peek on my PC?

windows Yodm in windows

If you consider the look on a boring office function, clear the solution. Follow our steps carefully and soon will be disabled.

Step 1

Just you orient yourself on the Aero Peek at the bottom right of the taskbar. Then you give a right click so that you can deploy a small menu.

Step 2

Now, with the open menu, simply select must disable desktop preview and that’s it. You can move the arrow over the icon and no windows or applications that have open will become transparent. If for some reason the first extreme way does not work, follow the steps below.

Step 1

First, you press the Windows key and type in the search bar of tasks, and when you displayed, click dale.

Step 2

Once in the taskbar, you must disable the option to use to get out and ready before seen. You can check by moving the cursor on the icon and you will show more through the open windows to reveal the desktop.

Now, if for some strange reason Aero Peek , no problem, is not completely lost. Simply find again in the taskbar icon on the desktop look and give the right mouse to display the menu.

Now, you only need to activate this function and will again as if nothing had happened  . This tool will be activated and you can use it whenever you want


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