What It Is And How The Wizard Concentration Windows 10 Works?

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Windows 10 has many parameters that you do not know for sure, but in fact are very useful for you. Consider for example, the concentration of assistant, you have never heard of? Well, this is a very useful tool. If you want to know what it is, how it works and what it does, read on, as we explain What it is and how the concentration of the wizard working Windows 10?

What is and how the concentration of the working assistant Windows 10?

While we have presented a situation where, when you work or study on the computer, something distracted you. That something, emerging notifications on the screen of your computer with Windows 10. If you are very focused on the work you do on the PC, you appear Notifications whenever security will desconcentrará.

Now, there is a viable solution for such specific situations. This is where the concentration Windows 10 assistant, is to focus .

How do you do? So this wizard works in two different modes or ways: First, you can configure the wizard show no annoying notification for all or certain days. The second option a great way notifications customization in Windows 10 to show that those of interest.

In this way, the notifications will not disrupt the middle of a job, which make’re efectúes more concentrated and less work your way up. Thank you for this wizard to change and prioritize notifications in Windows 10 .

Now that you know what this option and how it works, it pays to learn how to enable it to read a little more to learn set.

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How to enable concentration of assistant Windows 10?

To activate the wizard, do not follow too many steps and many are no less complex. Just you need to find the Windows Control menu. What you get in the search window at the bottom right of your PC settings or placing in the search word “Settings”.

Once you enter the setup menu, you Search and click system , where are set screen, sound, energy and what we interest, notifications.

Now you orient yourself on the left side of the options, and click the concentration Wizard option. When you click there, you’ll see options to set the option on the right side of your screen you will see the available options.

Options are available to enable and configure the concentration steps of the wizard and soon three singles are:

  • First, there is Disable the where you receive all notifications of your applications and contacts. In other words, the concentration of the wizard will be disabled and notifications appear normally.
  • The second option is Priority only where you see only the selected notifications of the list of priorities. Further notifications will go directly to the center of activity. It is in this option where you can customize notifications appear on your screen.
  • The third and final option is called Only alarms , which is to hide all notifications except for alarm notifications. This is useful if you have decided set alarms or reminders in Windows 10 and want apareciéndote continue.

Just below these three options are a number of customizations to only priority option. Automated Rules you can set the hours and activities in which you do not want to bother you, and the wizard automatically concentration.

One important thing you should know is that although activate concentration wizard at any time can see later in the Action Center . This is where they remain contained all notifications do not appear on the screen because of the Windows wizard concentration activation 10.

Now if you want to be concentrated to the maximum, we recommend that you disable sounds notifications Windows 10 , which is very useful.

 Setup Wizard

With all this information, give today’s topic ended because with this knowledge will be enough to set the concentration wizard. So when do any activity that requires all Maximum concentration compared to the computer , notifications do not mind at all.

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