How To Avoid Installing Unwanted Applications On Windows 10 To Windows Defender

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In today’s article we will see Windows applications 10 Windows Defender in a fairly quick and easy. It is so fast that enabled by entering a single command line.

There are some time, Windows Defender, has become one of the best antivirus today. Especially if we add the fact that consume few resources and is integrated into the native operating system.

Among several enhancements have been added to the antivirus Microsoft one of the most remarkable is probably protection against unwanted applications, called PUP . What is trying to install in one way or another.

Surely many times you’ve tried to install programs you have really been helpful, but in the middle installation, you will find that other applications are installed. Sometimes they ask if you want to install, and others are installed directly or modify a system.

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These applications are in one word: advertising. Developers of different popular applications add their installation wizards and like many of us are used to give “Next”, “Next” and “Next” does not pay attention to what we install specifically.

The problem is that these applications can harm your computer or even replace the publicity of all the sites we visited, among others worse. The best way to prevent running applications from unwanted installation is still Pay attention to the installation wizards and download the programs of their official sites.

Although it is the best way, we also have a protective “ More ” with Windows Defender which a module to avoid that we should treat these unwanted applications.

Avoid unwanted applications to install Windows Defender

Unlike other antivirus UNMARK directly option to install the application will not. Windows Defender also installed, but the href = “”> you decide you want to do with.

It is ideal to keep this option enabled, especially if you install many applications constantly. However, we recommend that you always have the caution that the best way to avoid malware or adware on your computer is to be aware of what we do on the Internet.

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The Windows Defender configuration window has lots of features so that we can modify at will. However, some of these features are experimental so are not available, at least the window.

For activate’ll MUST use the PowerShell window or Command Prompt with administrator permissions, it is not complicated at all.

Enabling PUA protection in Windows Defender

  • We start by clicking Start, then type “ PowerShell ” right dale click the first option and run as administrator.
  • After that, we will execute this command: Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection 1
  • After executing the order opened the operating layer of security and start activated without any kind of problem. Keep in mind that unlike other applications that prevents unwanted applications installed.
  • Windows Defender if it is allowed to install, the only thing to do then is sent to the quarantine until we decide what we want to do with them.
  • If the function all you have – not convince you or not work as expected, do to erase it is back to the PowerShell window below to have the value ” 1 “just” 0 ” and ready.

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