How To Fix The Error Windows Defender Service Has Stopped?

The Windows software in its various versions, has an integrated antivirus which protects the status of the computer of any evil element. Sometimes the process can stop Windows Defender. This error may impair the integrity of the data and the operating system. Learn how to fix the error Windows Defender service has stopped.

Do not worry, it’s something as simple as, for example block automatic updates of Windows 10 , so for sure, it’s nothing otherworldly.

Windows Defender is a tool that goes beyond a common antivirus. In addition to protecting your computer from Malware, crawlers and other types of malicious files, regulates the parameters of networks, Internet connections and data transfer to external applications our computer. At the same preventing any problem with the system.

Windows Defender Why stop?

The process that is running Windows Defender can be stopped by different factors. The cause of this error can be quite varied, system failure or update error may be common. If the computer shuts down suddenly you can generate error files in some processes, such as Windows Defender.

This error can also be generated to overloading the capacity of the computer. When some processes may fail freezes among these may be included Windows Defender .

Allows use another antivirus with Windows Defender in Windows 10 . However, some antimalware tools may conflict with Windows Defender causing flaws in their processes and generating it stops.

 Error defend fix windows

Similarly, fix the error Windows Defender service has stopped it does not pose much difficulty. Is of great importance not disable this tool, even if another antivirus owned. Because Windows Defender offers other services beyond virus protection. This tool should be maintained, care and updating.

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What to do to fix the error Windows Defender service has stopped?

Before trying any way to solve this problem applying a series of complex steps. It is recommended that you start by Restart the computer . This will resolve the error if it is a simple configuration problem and there is nothing to interfere directly with execution.

Sometimes, it is also necessary limit CPU usage to Windows Defender on Windows 10 to optimize the process involved and properly handle it.

If you cause an external antivirus

There is a possibility that, installing another tool of protection, is between conflict. To check if the program is causing the error, proceed to disable it and then check whether the process Windows Defender works normally. If it works with disabled antivirus program must be reinstalled or change protection software .

If services are disabled

It is likely that services that are directly related to Windows Defender are inactivated and thus remain until manual activation.

To proceed with verification services, you must press the “ Windows ” key plus the “ R ” key to display the “ Run window “. Bar in this window must enter the following command “ services.msc “.

use Windows Defender

After know opening the window “ Services ” should look for the following titles: “ Antivirus “Security Center ” “ threat Protection ” and “ network inspection Antivirus “.

As you locate each of the services, verify if it is running and has boot mode. If any of these is not running you must change the boot mode to activate it manually.

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When enabled each service, you should fix the error Windows Defender service has stopped. Undoubtedly, this is a solution that many times is effective. So you should not leave aside and start testing.

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