Activating The Sandbox Mode In Windows Defender In Windows 10

Then we will see tray sand mode in Windows Defender in Windows 10 a simple way to improve the security of the operating system whenever possible.

It is very important to have Windows Defender enabled because you surf the Internet, is more normal than you imagine, meet malware of all kinds. Especially if you download files from various unreliable sites.

But we can still improve the safety of our system of Windows Defender operation. Microsoft antivirus that is built into the system is really very good, has repeatedly shown. Although he has another defect that could become very serious.

Just to avoid these failures, we will fashion sandbox Microsoft antivirus and therefore we should not worry about anything. We will be fully protected at all times from all the threats that abound on the net.

A little further down, we will see first, sandbox mode for those who do not have much idea and see how it active. You can see who is simple and once you do and you will notice the difference because it consumes very few resources.

Follow step by step tutorial and learn quickly to improve the security of Windows Defender so you can take care to protect your operating system against all forms of viruses or malware that you can see exposed when surfing the Internet.

What is and what is the sandbox Windows Defender Mode?

Microsoft antivirus company is able to operate in an isolated environment. They say it is able to “ In a restrictive runtime process ” that would not affect the normal operation at each level of security of the same.

Windows Defender was created with the idea of ​​having elevated privileges. This is a good thing in the whole problem is that if makes them a target for malware attacks , as has happened several times.

 windows icon keyboard laptop screen

The ferry mode sand becomes a way to get antivirus processes are isolated from the operating system to the engine of attack, it does not leave any of our vulnerable operating system.

sandbox mode activation in Windows Defender

  • In the sandbox mode is very simple and at the same time highly recommended. For this it is necessary that you have a version 1703 or later.
  • First, you must right-click on the start button at the bottom left of the operating system.
  • Next, you must choose “ Windows PowerShell (Administrator) ” or “ Command Prompt (Admin) “.
  • A pop-up window appears where you must choose “ Yes “.
  • After this we will write to the terminal window the following command: setx/M MP_FORCE_USE_SANDBOX 1
  • After pressing enter’ll must restart your computer.

With these simple steps you already have Windows Defender sand tray and running. If you really want to know if you are active, you need to do is open the “Task Manager” by right clicking on the bottom bar of Windows.

 background blue windows defender icon

You also can do this by pressing “ Ctrl + Alt + Del ” and choosing “ Task Manager ” and you will find the process called “ MsMpEngCP .exe

As you can see is simple enough to learn in a few steps tray sand mode in Windows Defender . Remember that we are always ready to help. Therefore, if you have left a degree of doubt with us in the comments section that you get a little lower.

In addition to this look tutorial how to find an article on how to make Windows Defender not Delete Internet downloads.

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