How To Remove Windows Defender No Internet Downloads

 How to make Windows Defender does not delete downloads

Initially it should be noted that Windows Defender is the antivirus brings included in Windows 10. Which is a proprietary solution company Microsoft in the latest versions of their operating systems.

It also should verify that it is activated later to use it. This system has several functions among which we highlight the elimination of Internet downloads.

In turn, this is an option that many users do not like, because sometimes files are deleted that do not contain viruses and are of importance. For this reason we explain the steps you must follow to prevent the antivirus remove the downloads you’ve done.

Steps to remove Windows Defender no internet downloads

So you can exclude files for Windows Defender does not automatically remove when Internet downloads. Since in many cases programs or files that are detected as virus when they really are not downloaded.

But since you want to keep discharges without being removed must perform a series of steps that we explain below.

First you must go to the Security panel and click on the shield icon which corresponds to Defender. In which case it can not be displayed on the panel can enter start and write security center and it will show the option you’re looking for.

 Configuration Windows updates

Once des click the Select can icon ‘ view security panel “, then in the window that opens select will ” antivirus and threat protection “.

Next to being within that section should select “settings and antivirus protection   threats “. It will allow you to see another window in which you disable “real-time protection.”

Since it is the one that is constantly examining files and also prevents run if the antivirus that is considered a threat.

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It should be mentioned that the disable real-time option must download the file before the virus was eliminated. After downloading it will have to add a list of exclusions which is located on the same panel.

Windows Defender functions

Windows Defender

Similarly, the function of adding the exclusion is that it can be made invisible in the eyes of the antivirus. Just select the option exclusion, the new window is opened you must click on ” add exclusion “.

The same has a drop-down menu where you select “file” and through this can choose the download option you want.

Once the selections can add to the exclusion list, then if that file was a file that is detected by the antivirus as virus and could therefore enable real-time protection again if you want. Because he found the file in the list of excluded and can not be detected or may be deleted.

Then if you prefer to disable this option so that no files are deleted and not lose the protection that the antivirus provides you alone must activate option in real time and ready. With a few simple steps you can do, as you’ll notice is a simple procedure.

It should also be mentioned that this procedure you can apply for the antivirus is not deleting files without your permission . It should also be noted that this procedure you can apply for any antivirus on the market. Since all they incorporate this configuration option which is to exclude files.

In short, you yourself can have control over and decide if you want the antivirus system protects your computer or if you prefer to take your chances and allow any type of discharge. Also you must understand that there are few steps to prevent Windows Defender deletes files. If you want to be disabled Windows Defender .

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. It is also necessary to stress that usually every company Microsoft develops better and better features and tools in order to optimize the performance of the Windows operating system.

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