How To Fix The Error 0x80070015 In Windows Update, Or Defender Store

The error 0x80070015 is a code that usually appears in almost every href = “”> and tells us that something is not loaded properly and prevents the proper functioning of certain applications . for example, appears when there is a specific load library or when a certain program modules.

If you encountered this error several times and do not know how to solve it, then read this post where we’ll show you what to do fix the error 0x80070015 Windows Update Store or Defender

What to do to correct the error 0x80070015?

Then, in the new post talking   especially what you need to do to correct 0x80070015 Windows Update error, Defender and Store. Depending on where the error appears that we must follow a series of steps to fix it completely different.

However, it is a difficult task, because here we took the task to explain in the simplest way possible Let’s do it!

Windows Update

If you see this error when you try to download the latest update the Windows Update Agent , it means that some of its services difficulty run properly

Now, to resolve this error, you need to Open Update Troubleshooter Windows , which will be responsible for a thorough analysis of the application, then show us the errors and possible solutions.

In general, do not have to download anything more, since this tool applies the corrections required by the program to function normally.

windows update error

By cons, you can try to delete a folder named “SoftwareDistribution”. What is also a useful alternative if the Windows Update Troubleshooter can not find the error in this application.

Windows Store

Now in the Windows application store is also common for this error message. There is no single reason why this error because it may be due to some incompatible software or simply because there are errors in applications that try to download.

So first you must uninstall the PowerISO application because it is one of the main causes of this error message appears on the screen. But, but before installing this application on your computer, the error may be caused by other Microsoft applications have a problem in the registry.

To solve this problem, you Open the console window or “energy shell” with the administrative authorities and enter the following command line – below indicates “Powershell Unrestricted -ExecutionPolicy Add- AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -register $ Env: SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest .xml “

Then you must restart the computer, wait a few minutes and then re-enter the Windows Store to make sure everything works.

If this does not work, we must return to the “Power Shell” to restore the original configuration with the command “wreset”. With the latter method, the error message in the Windows Store should disappear completely.

Windows Defender

When it appears to us that Windows Defender error is a sign that the Enable Windows Defender antivirus failure occurs in one of the modules and therefore may not function properly.


One of the most common causes of this error is that the user has recently decided to install antivirus free on the computer   or it could not be uninstalled completely and there are still databases of this third-party application


As for the solution, you must first make sure that no virus on your computer (NOD32, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc.). If you have any of these anti-virus installed on your computer, then product to uninstall them properly and then restart your computer. After this process, Windows Defender should work fine.

Now, if you have antivirus for a while, but I uninstalled at the time. What you need to do is install it again, then remove it safely. The idea is to be completely erased the traces of the virus that generate the error Windows Defender message.

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