Transferring Files From My Pc To My Phone Android Windows Wifi

Thanks to the evolution of the Internet and intranet , we have access to all device not to mention that we have the opportunity to interconnect our own devices to facilitate many activities.

This is useful, especially for moving pictures, music and files from one device to another, especially when you do not have a USB cable and can via the network without Throughout our teams.

Also, it is always a good option support files we have on our devices on your computer to protect our information and avoid losing data if your phone is damaged or s ‘mislead.

In this sense, it is convenient to do it quickly and without relying on cables to connect the computer and the computer. Therefore, in the following article will explain how to transfer files from PC to my Android phone for WiFi.

Remote Control programs to transfer files

There are several applications that work to remotely control a computer from a mobile device. These turn out to be very useful when a computer file transfer to another, and you do Internet via USB cable.


A request as mentioned above – has the ability to remotely control your computer from your phone, but also you can send files, pictures and songs from one computer to another and vice versa to be the gateway communication tool between the teams.

This program is very comprehensive as it can be used from the desktop, mobile application or online if AirDroid site.


Another tool functions to remotely control your computer and can transfer all kinds of files between them. Undoubtedly, a great alternative for downloading if you plan to transfer files between a computer and another often.

Applications for transferring files

Over the years, the need to get files from the phone quickly to the computer and has actually increased and to meet this need, have left many applications that can this procedure seconds and avoid time transfers via USB.

The list of applications that fully meets this function is long, but among them are pushbullet , which is very simple and easy to use; however, it is paid.

Despite this, there are other good free alternatives among which we can find a Xender , an application that is available for Android and iOS, it can run on Windows and Mac.


This application works similar to AirDroid, providing file management we can accessible via Wireless LAN.

All you need to do is connect the computers to the same network and access to the Web for AirMore scan a QR code we enter the control center where we all share.


This application and the files for mobilization and transfer from one computer to another, leaving us install applications and change even the office.

It is even able to Mobile soundtrack and do to locate. This is useful when you lost or if you have it on vibrate.

This application is the best options to use for transferring files as they travel encrypted end to end over the increasing safety and preventing possible attacks. Furthermore, it does not require that both computers are connected to the network.

Other ways to transfer


If you do not want to install a program, there are other forms of power transfer files from one computer to another.

Using Bluetooth

Although a method is not usually used, the more an alternative. If your computer has Bluetooth only set to accept receiving files from your mobile via Bluetooth .

With WhatsApp or telegram

You can still open the computer versions of these platforms and send the files to you and so you will have them on your PC.

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