Changing The Duration Of Notifications In Windows 10

Then we will see a simple tutorial for you to learn quickly How do I change notifications in Windows 10 fairly simply.

Notifications are extremely important in any mobile device and both computers with Windows 10. For the same can be aware of everything that is happening in the system.

Android notifications are generally aware of the messages, system updates, social networks, etc. Windows is basically the same.

You can receive notifications android some message Skype Web WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook if you have installed applications in Microsoft store. In addition, we receive notifications of updates to your computer or applications and reminders on the Office.

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Even the antivirus, which are very important and you need to pay attention. The problem occurs when notifications disappear too quickly. Generally, when we are in the computer that we do certain things and not wait for notifications, something obvious.

So when he appears again and concentrate on something else, have 5 or 10 seconds may not be a prudent time to see and read what it says . Thus, ” lose” such a notification and add quotes because if you click on the box is the side of the watch can see all the accumulated notifications.

The problem comes when we do something important and say “I check” and often “then” never occurs, leaving aside the notifications and what we were. It is best to implement a prudent time to give them the necessary attention to these notifications.

Even otherwise it can happen, maybe not even interested Notifications of view. Then better is set to last as little as possible can you do? Of course, all accessible from the menu and we will see a little below how to get the opportunity to set the duration of notifications you want.

How to define the duration of notifications in Windows 10

  • You can control how real-time notifications in Windows. Edit this aspect is too simple that we will see step by step below:
  • The first thing we will do is to enter “ Windows Settings ” We do this in the menu “ Home ” by pressing the gear icon at it is on the left side.
  • Then we will enter the “ Accessibility ” to open a new window.
  • Here we will have to go to the left sidebar and search for “ More Options “. What hides behind.
  • On the right side, we find “ Visual Options ” and in the drop-down menu that says “ Show notifications “. We can choose the time that even last.

Changing the length notifications in Windows 10

The minimum time you can choose is 5 seconds, while the maximum will be about 5 minutes. We have a range of time for everyone so that those who have vision problems can be vigilant in plenty of time to see all notifications in the system.

Precisely for this option is “ Accessibility ” because it can be something basic for some people who have health problems.

 windows blue background laptop

Remember – you, if you still have any kind of doubt about modifying the real time notifications Windows 10, you can leave it in the comments box you will find lower and trying assistance as needed.

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