Connecting A Remote Control Or Xbox 360 To My Pc With Windows

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When we face our fun computer with the best Games and to share with our friends look for ways to feel as comfortable as possible to improve the experience and if we good equipment, software and other managers to help us when we start playing and do what we need if we Xbox games installed on our Windows 10 , we like to know that we enjoy video games to connect an Xbox 360 controller to the PC with Windows .

Sounds like fun right? Well, to use it, we must learn how to connect the control of this game console to the computer with Windows (you can also learn how to connect your Xbox to your iPhone ). But there is no reason to worry. We know how to do and we want to share with you.

What to connect your PC if you have a wireless Xbox 360 controller?

For those with a wireless controller, must first buy a receiver that allows connection and use a wizard to the appropriate configuration. In the market, we have many alternatives to choose from and depending on how we have money, we can get an excellent quality. While most are doing their job very effectively.

 xbox with laptop or desktop

We will use the slot USB port to connect the wireless receiver to our PC. We will see a green light indicating proper operation.

To synchronize the receiver with the wireless control must Download software available on the official website of Microsoft. It is also likely to have on hand in the installation disk supplied with the receiver.

For those who have at their disposal the CD with the wireless receiver software must be inserted into the drive and follow the step by step instructions. In the end, it may be necessary to restart the computer as well.

Download the software to control Xbox 360

To download the software from Microsoft naveguemos page to find the ” software downloads”. Located there, look for ” control the game”.


For the wireless controller choose the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows control. Then choose the version of Windows operating system you use on the PC. It is good to know that Windows 7 drivers are compatible with Windows 8 and 10.

After doing this, select the language of the operating system and start the download. At the end, press the “Run” for files of installer Xbox 360 accessories are installed at the end you may have to restart the PC to complete installation .

How to sync if we control cables?

In this case, the connection of the Xbox 360 to Windows PC is quite simple. Simply plug USB port control and wait to run and install the necessary drivers .

We will see a note when it is finished by saying that it was done correctly. Try to open a game, can play online GTA 5 with your Xbox and use all parts of the control to see if there are problems.

 play football with the Xbox controller on PC

If you use a wireless or wired control must be able to find in our section Game Controllers PC once the software is installed. It seems that the USB game controllers set .

If the system recognizes each button is good, if we could turn to the support of the Xbox on their official website.

We hope you can enjoy a better video game playing experience Xbox Gamer spend your PC. To help you in this post, we showed how to connect can control Xbox 360 to your PC with Windows. tell us what did you find this information if you have proven useful.

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