Deleting A Dll In Use In Windows – Easy And Fast

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When we use our computers and especially in Windows environments . We can find some drawbacks that we have no idea how to solve. In this article, we are going to show a file type that perhaps not many know, but we’ll show you how to delete a DLL in Windows use, easy and fast.

First you say what is a file more than a library in which you are getting data and codes.

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These can be used at once for two or more programs. To give you a clearer idea, files Comdlg32 samples related functions dialogs boxes.

So other programs can use these files,   to display on screen dialog boxes such as Open. This way you can use the code repeatedly, allowing memory to be used efficiently. As you can tell, if we know an extension can   know what the purpose of that file, as in the case of using extension .shs .

How to delete a DLL in Windows use, easy and fast

The DLLs are widely used due to its functionality, allowing programs are loaded in less time. On Windows operating systems, several DLLs are executed and of course you do not know these are of this type. Files control panel for example, files . cpl are specialized in this type of DLL files elements.

We can also find these files in the ActiveX (.ocx) controls a clear example of such files are to check the calendar.

Another clear example can be found in the archives of the device driver (. DRV). in this case we could talk about that controller that manages the operation of a printer.

As I mentioned, this type of file allows PC resources, especially physical memory is better utilized.

And in this sense allows greater performance because avoid the duplication of codes . But sometimes it can happen that these files come into conflict and not run properly and want to remove it.

Steps to   delete a DLL file in use on Windows

Before you start you should know that you can delete a DLL you must remove first registration and to do this you must do the following.

First you place locate the DLL you will remove registration. &Nbsp; To do this, go to the Windows Start button and you must click on the option   Search and you will select All files and folders.

Now go in search typing the name of the DLL file and then click on Search, you must memorize the location of the file on the PC. Before deleting this file we recommend you make a copy of security DLL, in the case of have a problem. The next step is to find the location of the file on the computer.

A the place it select it and right click on it and choose the options menu Copy, places this file wherever you want. Then right-click again and this time you will choose the Paste option.

Now to delete the log must do the following, go to the Start button and select the Run command and you enter the   next instruction regsvr32/u C:. \ Windows \ System32 \ dllname.dll

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Now you must replace dllname by the name of the DLL file you want to delete and finally click OK. Now go to the DLL file right click on it and select Delete, this action will send the file to the recycle bin. And ready this is all you have to do to. &Nbsp; delete a DLL in Windows use, easy and fast

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