How To Delete Records From A Program In Windows Uninstalled From Regedit


If you are a person who frequently uses the computer, then you want to read this article is edited to make the system your PC is clean . We talked about how to eliminate once and for all records of a program in Windows with regedit uninstalled easily.

Before using the system for regedit uninstall a program ‘ll show you how the traditional way and then remove the remaining files . Finally we explain how to delete records from a program on your Windows operating system, so let’s begin.

Traditional Uninstalling an application on Windows

The steps you give are completely safe and reliable only recommend that you follow the verbatim.

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  • Windows Configuration Panel

  1. Enter the Windows 10 settings , to do so press the Windows logo and should click on the symbol gear.

  2. In the open will leave a window with all configurations of Windows, you will select the «Applications and Features» option.

  3. It will see a list of all the applications you have on the PC.

  4. Now select the application you no longer want and this will show two options «Move» or «Uninstall» you logically choose the second option and go.

  • Control Panel & nbsp; Windows

  1. Type in the search box Windows » control Panel» .

  2. A window opening called «Adjust computer settings» you will seek the «Programs» option.

  3. Then will come another window with two main options you choose the one that says «Programs and Features» .

  4. Now you will see a list of applications that have the system installed.

  5. Select the one you do not want to give it right over here and it will display a small box where it says «Uninstall or change», click on it. This will ask you to confirm, you accept the system and removed from your computer.

control panel windows

Note: We want to tell you with this procedure and do not remove the previous hidden files in the PC system that could be.

Eliminates the remaining files an application on Windows

Here we show you how to remove traces of files you’ve uninstalled applications on your hard drive.

  • Delete leftover files in AppData

  1. Enter to the File Explorer and type C: Program Files
  2. .

  3. And once you open searches if there is still a file that relates to the application uninstalled.

  4. Select it and remove it completely.

This is the easiest step, but practical, so this would be way eliminating temporary files that remain on your computer.

Erase all traces of applications in the Windows registry

erase all traces of application take out an more complex process , but present indications can achieve. This process is carried out in the register of the Windows system that would be getting to the root of where it hosts the application files.

As a recommendation note which file you are about to erase not accidentally delete the wrong one.

using the registry editor windows


  1. Press Windows + R keys to open the «Run» window.
  2. Once you open the window type the word «regedit» without quotes.

  3. This will take you to the registry editor system at the top of the window is a tab that is titled «File» should click on it and then open the «Export» option for the state is exported from the system.
  4. Then he will enter HKEY_USRS/.DEFAULT/Software and find a file that relates to the application you have uninstalled.

  5. right

  6. Press click and choose the «Delete» option.
  7. Now navigate to the registry editor to (HKeyCurrentUser Software, HKeyLocalMachine SOFTWARE and HKeyLocalMachine SOFTWARE Wow6432Node), to search for any file with reference to the application.

  8. Then go to the menu program and select «File & gt; Search» and type the name of the application that desístalo for any other reference . If you find it right click and press the Delete and ready.

In short, we learned to uninstall a program in the traditional way, removing the remaining files and as completely out of the system . We wish you succeed and can successfully uninstall the application you no longer want to have on your computer with Windows operating system.

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