How To Ping Cmd In Windows -Complete Guide

There are many things to take into consideration when we surf the Internet. Aspects such as the IP of our system or connection speed are very important, but many do not take into account the Ping. Today we’ll show a How to ping CMD WINDOWS -. Complete Guide

How to ping CMD WINDOWS -complete Guide

The term ping is unknown to most people, since almost all focus on the connection speed. Anyway, this point is as important as other factors, today will learn more respect and as ping Windows.

What is Ping?

In relation to this term there are many doubts, in fact most people have no knowledge of what represents the Ping. If you’re somebody with doubts, do not worry, read the following information carefully to find out what the Ping.

The Ping is used to describe the term response rate or latency that between a computer and a network. This may refer to local networks, such as our home and your router, but also is present between our computers and internet network.

With the ping can check the speed of response, this information will be reflected in milliseconds, we can conclude the lower the number, the higher quality the connection is. It is very useful to know this information in certain cases.

Know your pin is especially useful if constantly play online , because here the ping is most important to have a great gaming experience. Regardless of why you want to know this information, read carefully the guide we have prepared for you.

Still, although the above are true, you should not confuse what is “pinging” to the “ping of video games.” If you have doubts respect, please visit What is Ping in games like Fortnite? How to see and download it? and thus see the difference between them.

 globe internet connection

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How to ping CMD in Windows -Complete Guide

The process to make Ping is very simple, it can also be very useful to check some annoying problems connecting. If you want to ping follow the steps in this tutorial:

  1. The first thing you should consider to ping and check your router connection is to know your IP address. For this press the button Windows + R (if not You locate, remember that is located at the side of Ctrl).
  2. appears on-screen interface the Run program. Enter CMD and click on OK.
  3. will show a new tab, the tab CMD. Here you type ipconfig and press Enter.
  4. contains more than one address, which you are interested is Default Gateway, which should be something like .
  5. Write it down to begin the process.
  6. Ping on your router to check your connection

    1. Inside the CMD window you type the word ping, press space and provides the IP previously wrote down. In our case it should be something like “ping” . Now you just need to press the Enter key.
    2. appears on the screen a lot of information, but the most important is that then finds the word Time. Here indicated speed response, measured in milliseconds “m” or “ms” .
    3. In the case of connections between router and PC, these numbers should be very little lower than 30ms. If your connection is 10ms or less everything is in perfect order.
    4. If you want to be more specific with this feature, you can also set the size of a package using the Ping command , which is usually recommended for more accurate results.

       ping Windows

      Ping in CMD in Windows with a website

      In addition to the above, it may be convenient to check the speed of response to a website, this is especially useful in case you have problems with this website. To pinging an IP address or web page, follow these steps:

      1. Being inside the CMD window just need to type the word Ping followed by the website you want to check. For example: “ping” . Once you’ve written press the Enter key.
      2. Display shows much information, as you said earlier is the most important section time.
      3. In this case the figures will be higher because you are not logging an internal network but to an Internet site. For this reason the figures could walk 100ms or 150ms. Do not worry this is completely normal.
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        You can also ping personalized with Windows PowerShell , representing otherwise using this feature of the system.

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