How To Fix The Hard Drive To 100% On Windows – Fixed Final

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Then we will see How to secure the hard drive to 100% so Windows in a simple and definitive. After the tutorial, you will have more worries about your hard drive and you can if you want to increase the size of hard disk in a VM VirtualBox .

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How to fix 100% hard disk in Windows

The reason for the 100% hard disk can be more if we research and keep trying different solutions until you find the right one. Start, we recommend you to be patient in this regard.

The SuperFetch

SuperFetch is a service that is built into Windows and using the time required for the computer to boot is a minimum. However, long ago, many people say it is one of the main causes why the disc is set to 100%.

So what you do is disable the service, it is not that complicated and you can always turn it on again if the cause of the problem.

For this, we need to do is open a command prompt as an administrator. Just press Start, then type “ Command Prompt ” right click and run as administrator.

opens a black screen. In this screen, you must enter “ net stop SuperFetch “. After that, you should check that the disc at a normal level. If this does not occur, the problem is elsewhere.

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What to do when the hard drive is a 100% Windows

Checking the status of the hard drive

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the file structure can be corrupted. To correct this you have to do is connect again to the command prompt and administer, in the same way we did before.

Then we have to write the chkdsk.exe/f/r . a message that says you can not run because the computer is in use appears. Do not worry, because here we will have to press “ and ” and “ Enter ” the next time you restart the computer check.

Therefore, we encourage you to restart immediately to the check in question. Keep in mind that this process may take some time for that you must have enough patience.

Beware of temporary files

Another thing you can take the hard drive to 100% are temporary files, so you have to remove something you need to do every so often disk Cleanup in windows 10 .

Click Win + R and type “temp” and press OK. Open a new file, simply select all with Ctrl + S and press “Delete” or right click and delete.

Restart virtual memory

Virtual memory is created from the hard drive and something similar in a way to extend the RAM you have on your computer. The problem is that sometimes it is saturated and needs to restart.

  • do Fortunately it’s not that complicated and do we have to open “ Computer “.
  • Then we have to right click on an empty space and search for “ Properties “.
  • opens a new window where you should click “ Advanced System Settings
  • In the new window that opens you will need to click “ Advanced Options ” and press the “ Settings ” button.
  • Now go to another window where we must click ‘ Edit “just the button beneath all.
  • Uncheck is primarily where we allow Windows manage virtual memory automatically.
  • Once this marks the “ No paging file ” and press “ Set “.
  • You understand that message appears, you must confirm.

Once you restart your computer, you will return to the same place and leave all the settings as they were in the beginning. In this way, I managed to restart the open virtual memory.

Remember that you can also upgrade from Windows 10 if you do not have enough space on your hard drive or you can also try installing a system operating on an external hard drive .

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