Fix Failed to display shutdown and security options error in Windows

If you find a message – Failed to display security and shutdown options while trying to open the Security and login options window pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or try restarting/shutting down the system, this article may help you.

Failed to display security and shutdown options

The probable causes of this problem in Windows 11/10 are the following:

  1. Corrupt system files.
  2. Some third party programs may conflict with the process.
  3. Third party security software prevents the process.

The error may be accompanied by the statement-

The login process failed to display the login and security options when Ctrl+Alt+Delete was pressed. If Windows doesn’t respond, press ESC or use the power switch to restart.

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You can try the following solutions to resolve the issues:

  1. Run an SFC and DISM scan
  2. Run the System Maintenance Troubleshooter
  3. Troubleshoot system in clean boot state.

1]Run an SFC and DISM scan

The main cause of the problem is the corruption of system files. In this case, running SFC and DISM scans may help. These tools can help detect missing or corrupt files and replace them.

System File Checker is integrated with Windows Resource Protection, which protects registry keys and folders as well as critical system files. If changes to a protected system file are detected, the modified file is restored from a cached copy located in the Windows folder.

If SFC scan doesn’t help you, you can run DISM scan.

2]Run System Maintenance Troubleshooter

The system maintenance troubleshooter checks for system problems and resolves them if possible. The procedure to run the system maintenance troubleshooter is as follows:

Press Win + R to open the Run window and type the command control panel. Press Enter to open the Control Panel window. Change the View By option to small icons (or Large Icons, should not be Category).

To select Troubleshooting > System and security. Choose the System maintenance troubleshooter from the list and run it.

Troubleshooter for system maintenance

Reboot the system once you are done.

3]Troubleshoot system in clean boot state

If third-party software interferes with processes, the possibility can be isolated by rebooting the system into a clean boot state. In this way, you could prevent third-party software from starting at startup.

If the problem is resolved after restarting the system in a clean boot state, try to identify the problematic program and uninstall it.

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Failed to display security and shutdown options

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