Forcing Out Or Close A Program That Is Not Responding In Windows

 exit windows is not responding

When we entered the world of office automation, there are many new factors with which we can find, that could cause us to lose all the initial interest . A part of understanding how programs work, it happens so unexpected that they stop working.

In this article we will touch this issue thoroughly and I’ll explain how to force, exit or close an unresponsive program in Windows.

How to Force Quit or close a program that is not responding in Windows

In previous articles you could explain how you can set up programs like Exel or Word as default. And you could realize that it was very easy to do, just as we are going to teach, you must do when at one point to another a program gets stuck and can not find how we can close it.

And this is very common to happen, especially when we have several programs and applications open to the same time in our Windows system . But it also usually happens by poor performance of our team or program errors. Sometimes this problem can leave a message if the program shows popup asking if we close the program .

But in most cases this life and not shown to us by all means we close this program. This is the reason for this article, teach them in simple steps how to solve some problems that seem to have no solution. And then we’re going to show how to force, exit or close an unresponsive program in Windows.

Close program

How to force quit or close a program that is not responding in Windows

The following solution will apply to force, exit or close a program that is not responding in Windows is this. In principle we will lead the taskbar, this is at the bottom of your desktop. In any part of it, we will position the cursor and we will make right clip to show us the options.

In doing this we must choose the Task Manager , then this option will appear on the desktop a window with multiple tabs. Also to access the task manager we can do it through the the shortcuts keyboard. And then we will press the Windows key and then hold pressed the R key.

This action will allow the Run window is displayed and we will enter the following command, taskmgr.exe and then we clip on the OK option. And so let’s get to the href=””> also administrator tasks. Once we are here, we will observe that show us the Applications tab.

How to use the Task Manager to close a program

And we can see what applications or tares are in operation at this time, then that is what we will do with this. Well it is very simple, only here we find the program or application that is having problems. Or whatever it want to force, or close out and unresponsive in any way possible.

After you’ve selected, we will head to the bottom of this window and we will make clip on the End Task option. This action will stop the program, but sometimes this action also closes the program. But do not worry, we fear an ace up his sleeve.

Should this happen, we turn to select the program you want to stop and do the right clip. In the options that are going to appear must choose Go to the process, this will lead us to the Processes tab and look for the program to select it. Then we go to the bottom right and we clip End process .

 close windows program

We another window will appear, asking if we want to end the program and again will select End Process. And so forcefully program closes, we will now only leave the task manager. And without further complications have learned How to force, exit or close an unresponsive program in Windows.

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