How to Extract Wallpapers from Themepack in Windows 11/10

We have seen how to make a window theme pack from your bunch of favorite wallpapers. But what if you want to use wallpapers from any Windows 11/10/8/7? theme pack separately?

Extract wallpapers from Windows theme pack

If you use 7-Zip as an extraction utility, this shouldn’t be a problem! To extract wallpapers from the Windows 11 theme pack:

  1. Just right click on the theme pack proceedings
  2. Click Show more options
  3. Select 7-Zip
  4. Click Extract Here or Extract Also
  5. The wallpapers and other content of the theme pack will be extracted.

If you are not using 7-Zip you may need to apply this first theme pack then navigate to the folder where the theme pack stores wallpapers.

This folder is a hidden folder, so you may need to select ‘Show hidden files and folders’ option in the explorer folder options.

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Once done, navigate to the following folder:


Here you will see a bunch of theme folders. Select the folder of the theme you need wallpapers and open it Wallpaper folders.

You will see the wallpapers of this theme pack the!

This article will tell you where the wallpaper and lock screen images are stored in Windows 11/10. You can download cool Windows 11 wallpapers for your PC here.

extract wallpapers from windows themes

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