How To Install The Driver Or Bluetooth Driver In Windows?

Many users are tired of using cables with USB port to connect their mobile devices to the PC. And they prefer to opt for the use of devices that allow the connection without the aforementioned drawbacks. For this every day, is moving over the use of the Bluetooth and the next article will explain How to install the Driver or Bluetooth driver in Windows?

As you must know what the href=»»> via Bluetooth can safely transfer different types of files, whether images or videos, music or text.

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But usually they have certain limitations that have to do with your range. And so we can find two types, those with optimal maximum range of 10 meters and those that reach 100 meters.

In our devices running OS Windows , you can implement certain options that surely know about. Such as the form of enable or disable WiFi wireless functionality in Windows 10, 8, and 7 step by step.

How to install the driver or Bluetooth driver in Windows

It is important to emphasize that in order to avoid problems when transferring our file using a Bluetooth device. Do not any physical interference exists between the sending computer and the receiving computer. Another problem is that often arise regarding pairing or connecting errors.

 install drive

In these cases it is used to correct such failures uninstalling and re install Driver or Driver Bluetooth in Windows . In the next tutorial we will see what steps we should take to make such action and that our device will work perfectly and then tell you to do.

To carry out this simple operation, we must first enter Device Manager and for this, we can do it in the following ways. We can position ourselves in the start menu and right click, this action will generate a drop-down menu and we select Device Manager.

The other way to access is using the keyboard shortcuts , the keyboard shortcut Windows + R then type the command devmgmt.msc and then press Enter. Already in this window you can go to the section and we will find Bluetooth devices to which we have connected and drivers.

Remember that this step is to uninstall the driver, where we present failures and then reinstalling. Now right click on the controller and the options we choose Uninstall appear.

How to install the Bluetooth driver

The easiest and recommended to Driver or install a Bluetooth driver in Windows 10 , is through the automatic updates. And for this we must do the following, let us start, then we choose the Updates section and security. And finally select Windows Update. Now in this window we will click on the Search automatic updates.

This will generate action that Windows starts searching and detect the Bluetooth device is not active. For this reason, the system will automatically download and install the update of the driver.

We can do the installation of the Bluetooth driver manually, to do this we went to Device Manager. We explained how we access this section, then we are positioned on the driver and right click. This to determine which version of Bluetooth have .

In the menu that appears choose the Properties option and now choose the Options tab we advanced and specifications of both the version as the firmware will be displayed. Now with this information, we go to the search engine and enter to the site of the manufacturer of the equipment. And look for the latest driver for your Bluetooth device to download it.

 drive controller

Once this is done proceed to install and ready and our Bluetooth device will be 100 percent operational and work without any problem. In this tutorial we ended this way you can teach How to install Bluetooth Driver or Driver in Windows?

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